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  • opposite

    Do Opposites Really Attract? 

    Of course everyone knows the saying that birds of a feather flock together, but can you apply this to your romantic life? Can you apply this rule to international dating? Many international researches come to a conclusion that when people date in their country they usually feel attracted to people of their age, who have […]

  • Sex-and-marriage

    Truthfully about sex in a marriage

    How often do married couples have sex in a marriage? How diverse is sex in a marriage? I asked these questions to my married friends and you know what? The short answer is – it depends on who you ask. It means that everything is in your hands my dears. Every married couple has their […]

  • sexting

    Top rules of sexting

    It is not big news that nowadays we are using Internet and mobiles as often as possible. We find friends with the help of our gadgets and even try to build relationship online. Therefore it is not unusual that sexting has become a usual thing for many people. Let us look at pros and cons […]

  • sex education

    Let’s talk about sex taboos

    You have probably read our article telling how to define if you are good in bed and know what to do to make a woman think you are a good lover. Still, our bank of advice would not be full if we did not tell you about the things that you must never do in […]

  • pretty liars

    5 types of ladies to avoid while “dating” at the International Dating Sites

    Before starting boutique matchmaking company Diolli.com 9 years ago, I have been working as an interpreter at several dating agencies or as they often call themselves “marriage agencies” which were collaborating with big International Dating Sites. I am extremely grateful for that experience, because not every day you get a chance to actually be present […]

  • sex

    10 signs you are good in bed

    Have you ever wondered what your girlfriend thinks about your sexual relationship? I bet you have. Do you want to know how we, girls define if you are good in bed? Then this article is definitely for you. Sign #1. The first thing that can help us is the way you eat. It is thought […]

  • sexy tips

    Ukrainian girls about sex on the first date

    Being a woman, I can tell you that the topic of sex on the first date is rather a controversial issue for us.  For some women it is a usual thing, other find it indecent and say that girls who have sex on the first date are badly-bred. Probably, that is because the first date […]

  • talk_about_sex

    10 sex facts about women

    Sex… this is the word which many people are shy to say, still it is something that all people like doing and that is why it plays an important role in the life of both men and women. For that reason we could not help telling you, my dear friend, some interesting sex facts about […]

  • body language

    Body language of attraction

    You have probably heard a thousand of times that it is possible to attract a person without saying even a word. To do that we use body language. Let us look closer at what exactly it is and what “words” – gestures we can use while dating to show that we like our interlocutor or […]

  • asking-questions

    Top questions to ask a potential matchmaker

    Trying to find yourself a wife abroad, you might want to use an international matchmaking agency. However, the first time this idea gets into your head, you can face another one: I have heard that all these agencies are scammers. To tell you the truth, I have heard that some of them can be scammers; […]