• tinder

    Guide to dating Ukrainian women through Tinder

    We have already told you about several online dating services that work in Ukraine. However, we have left one of the most popular applications which Ukrainian girls use behind. Have you guessed what we are going to talk about? Right, my friend, we will talk about Tinder. Tinder is one of the services that can […]

  • hot moms

    10 rules how to impress a hot mama

    Hot mamas are modern kind of fabulous women who are wonderful mothers and beautiful and extremely good-looking ladies at the same time. Usually they are independent, confident and successful. They don`t hesitate to breastfeed the child on public, hot mamas are getting back in shape so quickly after giving a birth. They can find time […]

  • interractial couple

    Interracial couples: to marry or not to marry? That is the question.

    How many times have you thought about finding your true love? Have you ever imagined HER? What does she look like? I am almost sure that almost anyone who has just read my questions thought of a beautiful woman, still with a slight difference… The «SHE» had a different nationality or skin color for each […]

  • she isn't ready

    10 signs she isn’t ready to have a serious relationship

      Usually we can watch in the movies, soap operas or read in the novels that it`s a man who is not ready for a serious relationship. I want to stand up for men and take their side in this article. There we will discuss the opposite situation where the woman is the one who […]

  • moving abroad

    Moving abroad: What is she afraid of?

    You and your international girlfriend already have had that lovely period of the relationship where two of you were crazy about each other and couldn’t even spend a day without sending that kind of messages as “good morning sweety” or “XOXO”. You already spent few vacations together where both of you realized  one more time […]

  • family values

    Family values in Ukraine

    If you have decided to address a matchmaker for help, you must be looking for a chance to create a family. As an international matchmaking agency helping foreign men to find their true love in Ukraine, we think it is utterly important to tell our seekers for happiness about family values in our country. Still, […]

  • working mommy

    Family or career? What do Ukrainian ladies prefer?

    Very often our men clients from different countries ask our managers what Ukrainian women prefer: family or career. So we have decided to rise the curtain and uncover this secret. Having asked our ladies clients and friends, we are now ready to share the information which we have found out. Svetlana. What is my priority? […]

  • start a family

    What is the best time to start a family?

    This is the question  our clients ask us very often. However, every time we say that it is not easy to answer it. Of course, the best time to start a family is, probably, when you meet your ONE, with whom you are ready to spend your life. Still, it is difficult to deny that […]

  • marriage

    Dating agency vs Marriage agency: Should you trust?

    Nowadays is time of new technologies, long working days, computer games, headphones and spending most of the time online than in real life. We no longer notice people we are surrounded of, we stop to pay attention to people`s smiles. And the main thing is we stop to meet people. Because of all these reasons […]

  • marriage agency

    What to expect when you’re a client of international marriage agency?

    More and more men trust their private lives to international marriage agencies. In this busy world it is getting much difficult to find time for searching for the second half. And we are so spoiled and lucky at the same time with the opportunity to choose a partner for life from all over the world. […]