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  • benefits of marriage

    What are the 4 stages of marriage?

    Scientists say that after marriage every couple goes through at least four different stages of relationship each of which gives unique opportunities to develop for both partners as well as tasks and problems to solve. It is also stated that one couple can go through every stage more than once during their life learning not […]

  • ukrainian ladies want marriage

    Why do Ukrainian women want to get married?

    Being a part of a matchmaking agency team, I have heard this question more than once. How can I answer it? Well, probably it goes from our (Ukrainian women’s) childhood. All children like fairytales. And the main string in our Ukrainian fairytales is that there is always a beautiful girl, who has some troubles like […]

  • baffles a women

    15 Things about men that baffle women the most

    My dear men, you are so nice and sweet. Believe me, we, women, do not imagine our life without you! Still, sometimes we are ready to kill you! Do you want to know why? Then read this article and, please, never ever do the following things. The first thing that baffles women about men is […]

  • stop comparing

    How to stop comparing your date to your ex?

    Not so long ago I came across a very interesting letter, which I would like to share with you. A man was writing that he had broken up with his girlfriend and in some time, he decided to begin new serious relationship. However, he could not do that because he was comparing his new girls […]

  • actions to express love

    10 ways to express love without words

    People often say, “I love you” without even making these words have real sense. Because of being busy at work, being tired, having rest we sometimes find it very difficult to express love without saying a word and make our beloved feel it is true. Very often it is not enough to say something, you […]

  • birds of a feather flock

    Birds of a feather flock together

    Every now and then I run into an article online that claims – opposites attract. There are so many books and movies where bad boys fall in love with good girls or lonely handsome rich guys find their happiness with poor small town girls. I love “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts. This is a great […]

  • speed dating facts

    Facts you should know about Speed Dating

    Nowadays speed dating is becoming more and more popular because of the fast pace of life and the lack of time to spend on looking for our better half. Let us have a look at this new form of establishing relationship between a man and a woman. Fact #1. Who needs it? The aims of […]

  • overcome jealousy

    Jealousy is a real KILLER!

    Jealousy in relationship can make it difficult for both partners. It makes us go mad and mutual understanding disappears making the couple to break up. Having doubts about your better half’s loyalty, feeling anger, offense or pity for yourself, signals that jealousy has probably appeared in your relationship. And if you really think your relationship […]

  • dating with different religions

    Dating outside your religion

    With the development of technologies and means of transport, which let us  move around and communicate faster, people have discovered new opportunities to find their love partners. About twenty years ago people still used to find their beloved  mostly in their surroundings, but now they can travel all around the world and meet their true […]

  • reveal your relationship status

    How to reveal your relationship status?

    If you are a client of an international matchmaking agency, you are definitely looking for your future wife outside your country. A day comes and you meet HER. You have some wonderful dates, you seem to like each other, spend a weekend in the countryside, even have sex, but… you ARE from different countries. The […]