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Meet the team of Matchmaking agency in Ukraine

  • Svetlana Mukha

    Svetlana is the founder and the leader of the Diolli Matchmaking agency in Ukraine. She is a certified dating coach of the International Dating Coach Association. She has been working at the dating industry for more than 10 years. Her passion to her work and great experience are the key to consummate success and countless of happy couples around the world are corroboration of her professionalism. Svetlana is an open-minded, sociable, and affable woman who is creative and ingenious in her matchmaking efforts and considerate to both men and women. She doesn’t just help couples to match and find each other, she also provides different kinds of consultation and support in all stages of dating and she also keeps in contact hereafter. Svetlana is an active member of the Matchmakers Alliance that connects matchmakers from around the world. She is a speaker of international matchmaking conferences. Svetlana is multilingual and well-travelled, she frequently improves awareness for providing the best service for her clients. Svetlana is very professional and mature in her approach to her clients to ensure their trust, confidence, continued happiness and an assured satisfaction with her services.

  • Mila Andersen
    • lud_mila_r

    Mila Andersen is a leading Matchmaker of the Diolli Matchmaking agency in Ukraine, who has been working successfully within the matchmaking trade for more than five years. Mila currently lives in Denmark in a happy marriage with her Danish husband, where she oversees the Northern European (Scandinavian) development of the company. The heart and cornerstone of her work is the sincere desire to help her clients in finding their true love. Mila has a deeply caring personality with a highly empathetic and personal approach to each of her dear clients based on a genuine interest in different people, cultures and human knowledge. Mila is highly educated; she worked as a professor of the Institute of Economics and Management. Add to this her own personal experience with the laws and borders of international dating, which extends to applying for visas, temporary and permanent residence permits and family integration and reunification that makes her well equipped to help and advice on all the rules and regulations that would otherwise confuse, disturb and distract her clients from finding love without borders. Mila is a highly valued asset to Diolli Matchmaking agency in Ukraine and clients alike, because she doesn’t just make matches she also makes friends and continues to work in the best of their interests.

  • matchmaker
    Katerina Romanenko
    Executive Director
    • katerina_rom5

    Katerina is the Executive Director at Diolli.com – Matchmaking agency in Ukraine. Not only she generates and implements new crazy romantic, but still rational ideas, but also inspires the entire team and our wonderful clients with her unbreakable believe in love and fantastic smart sense of humor. Katerina is inspirer and direct organizer of all our events. Her perfectionistic attitude and professionalism have already organized hundreds of successful dates.

  • psychologist
    Alesya Balichenko
    Professional psychologist
    • lesenok.balichenko

    Alesya is our charming, experienced professional psychologist.  Acquaintance of the ladies with our Matchmaking agency in Ukraine starts with the interview with Alesya.  It is her mission to make sure that only serious, exceptional ladies make it to our base. She knows how to increase the confidence and create the productive romantic mood of our fantastic clients both male and female before the date. She is always full of fresh and interesting practical ideas how to shorten the path of a lonely heart to its best half.

  • SEO specialist
    Natalia Bezzubenko
    Internet-marketing specialist
    • rosedream23

    Natalia is our Internet and SEO guru at our Matchmaking agency in Ukraine. She knows everything about web-sites, YouTube, Instagram and other popular crazy important aspects of Internet life. She speaks fluent English and German and makes sure our web-sites are elegant, fresh and modern. Her strong believe in mutual love and marriage, her endless energy and optimism inspire the entire team to spread the love internationally.

  • manager
    Daria Protsenko
    Relationship manager

    Daria is our partner relationship manager and best interpreter-cupid. The fresh blood in our team she has already helped to break the ice and overcome the language barrier during numerous first dates. She has a unique ability to truly feel the client both male and female. She is attentive to details and she loves people! She makes sure we do the best work not only for our client, but to our dear partners as well.