I think each of us remembers the first kiss, the time when it finally happens to you, that magic moment when you finally kiss a person you really like. Kiss has a power to fall in love person in you and at the same time to push him/her away. That`s why it`s important to own a technique of kissing and know what type of kiss is appropriate at what stage of relationship. A kiss is an element of love. A kiss can say better than words. With a kiss you can show the lady your admiration, care, your love and passion. There are many types of kisses and every of it has a special meaning. Let`s discuss some of them.

Type of kiss #1 The First Kiss. It`s always an exhilarating moment for both of you. Development of the relationships depends on the first kiss. That`s why it`s important to be prepared for it: take shower, shave clean, use perfume and have a fresh breath. Try to catch the signals from the lady to understand if she is ready for the first kiss. If the lady keeps looking on your lips, bite her bottom lip or licks her top lip it can be the green light for you to action. For the first time it`s better to kiss your lady tender, soft and slightly. Don`t forget to hug her after the first kiss.

Type of kiss #2 Romantic Kiss. Would be great to come up with the idea of your own romantic kiss or you can use some movie scenarios. Every time you and your lady debate, you can use the romantic kiss to defuse the situation. The most common kiss is when you grab your lady, lean her almost to the ground and kiss. Your lady won`t be able to continue arguing after such a thrilling kiss.         

Type of kiss #3 Emotional Kiss. Gently put your hands on your lady`s cheeks, look deep into her eyes and say her how special she is and how you are madly in love with her, then kiss her on the lips.    

Type of kiss #4 French Kiss. It`s a kiss of love, passion and desire. “A kiss with the tongue” helps to keep thing hot between you. The slower is sexier is one of the main tips.      

Type of kiss #5 Lingering Lip Kiss. This type of kiss shows the deep love, devotion and respect to your lady. As well, this type of kiss is usually common for the airports and train stations when couples seeing off.

Type of kiss #6 Shoulder Kiss. One of the kisses that usually leads to the romantic lovemaking. With this kiss you kind of invite your lady to something more than only a kiss.  

Type of kiss #7 Kiss in the Rain. Life is beautiful. If you and your sweetheart are caught in the rain, don’t miss the opportunity to kiss each other in the rain. It will leave unforgettable romantic memories for a very long time or even for forever.  

Type of kiss #8 Mark Kiss. This kiss is also known as a Hickey kiss. With the Mark kiss man wants to show others that the girl isn`t single. Be careful with this kind of kiss, some ladies find it inappropriate and even offensive.     

Type of kiss #9 Wall Kiss. This type of kiss can help to spice your relationship up. What you need to do is hardly push your girlfriend with your body to the wall, lean on her and kiss passionately.   

Type of kiss #10 Angel Kiss. All you need to do is to kiss your lady on the eye edge gently. Kiss with such a beautiful name shows that you take care of your lady, ready to protect her and will be there for her whenever she needs.       

Don`t stop kissing each other. Even if you have been together for many – many years already don`t forget to give a morning kiss to your beloved one as well as a good night kiss. Kissing is very important for your health. Believe it or not but kissing calms you down and even helps to burn calories.

Big kiss! xoxo