Looking for your better half outside your country, you must understand that one day it may happen so that you and your woman may have to part and spend some time far from each other. Since, if you decide to get married and live together, at least one of you will have to either stay in his/ her homeland to finish some things and prepare the documents for immigration. However, this does not mean that you will have to finish your communication. This period of time when you will be away from each other, will be called long-distance relationships, which is neither good nor bad for you. It is just another step to your happy life.

In this article you will find out what a long-distance relationships is like, having read 10 facts about it, which are taken from the real life experience of our clients and friends.

  1. Long-distance relationships teach us to value the time spent together more. The day when you meet will not be devoted to watching TV at home. Every minute of your meeting is precious and you will want to spend it on some unusual experience which you will remember later.
  2. Airports and train stations become more important. We have always thought that crying in the airport is a part of melodramas, however, as life has showed, a lot of people use these places for different celebrations like birthday, engagement and even marriage!
  3. Long-distance relationships demand you to be braver and more decisive. One day you will have to think of who will move and what you will have to leave behind; which documents you will have to have (the approval for the marriage, medical insurance, documents from the bank, the permission for temporary stay in another country, visas, the change of citizenship, getting the permission to work in another country, translating your University certificate, or getting the confirmation of your qualifications). All of these can be frightening, so, if you are not sure of each other, the fear and other problems which can arise during this period can crash your relationship.
  4. Long-distance relationship demand more trust which is the key to any relationship. Can your partner be honest with you? Do you believe her? Can your woman trust you? Sometimes, even if you both trust each other, an idea that one of you is lying can get into your mind. So will you be strong enough to resist it?
  5. Internet communication takes a bigger part of your time. Skype, telephone, social networks and messengers become your best friends. You text each other during the day and hurry home after work to chat to each other on Skype.
  6. Your partner cannot be beside you when you need her. Of course, both you and your woman are ready to help each other whenever you need each other’s support. However,  because of the time difference, being busy or because your phone needs charging, you may have no opportunity to be there for your better half.
  7. Long-distance relationships check your feelings. Whatever happens in your life, if you value your partner and respect her, when you finally get together, you will appreciate your close relationship even more, knowing what you have gone through.
  8. However, long-distance relationships cannot prepare you for living together. You may spend some time communicating in the Internet and even doing some household things together, but when you start living in the same apartment, you must be ready to get used to each other’s habits and establish common routine.
  9. In case you have started your relationship in the Internet and haven’t seen your partner yet, you may be surprised when you see each other in real life. Virtual communication may draw you an image of your partner, which can be quite different in reality. Unfortunately, many couples have been disappointed after seeing each other in real life.
  10. Communication is the only way to keep long-distance relationships. Discuss any topic with your partner, starting with your fears and routine things and finishing with your happy and bright moments, since conversation and communication are the base for long-distance relationships which keeps them alive.