10 facts about long-distance relationships

Love is not as easy as 1, 2, 3. It is a really hard work for both sides. Distance can either ruin love or help it grow. Success rate of long distance relationship varies. My grandfather was a seaman, he was away from home most of the time, but they managed to have a beautiful family with my grandmother. He used to write letters to her, there was no Internet at those times. She used to receive posts and it was the most romantic thing ever. When she tells me these stories now I can hardly believe it. Because nowadays people have so many opportunities, but they still encounter many difficulties.

Lots of couples are in such circumstances, because of different circumstances. Some men work in military or at sea. When we fall in love we don`t expect that our significant one will be far away from us. We don`t choose partners by profession. My friend`s boyfriend is seaman and she finds it very romantic. As he is working at cargo ships they go to places where there is no internet connection and he sends her postcards and letters from those places. Every time he comes home, they feel like they are at honeymoon.

Couples sometimes are separated by life circumstances, which they cannot influence. It can play as a saver of problems too. For example, one married couple I know had to be separated for a year. He had to go to Israel due to work circumstances. And it was a god chance to unwind for both of them. At the beginning it was almost the end of their marriage, they wanted to divorce.

They gave each other a week of a break. And it turned their world upside down. They started to appreciate each other and managed to bring the romance back. He didn`t forget to send her a sweet message in the morning, he sent her a bouquet of flowers and he realized that it has been almost few years since he did it last time. She began to feel his love. Also as she had more free time to discover her true self, be in balance and have a favourite hobby.

10 interesting facts about long distance relationships:

  1. It teaches us to value the time. The day when you meet will not be devoted to watching TV. Every minute of your meeting is precious and you will want to spend it on some unusual experience. In everyday life people waste time, thinking that they have all their lives ahead. But sometimes we are put in inevitable circumstances, which do not always play at our side. If before you used to waste free time playing video games while your partner was around, now it will be different.
  2. Airports become more important. We have always thought that crying in the airport is a part of melodramas, however, as life has showed, a lot of people use these places for different celebrations like birthday, engagement and even marriage! Airport is going to be the most romantic place for you both, which is going to remind you of the most touching moments of your story. I will never forget the moments when I saw my boyfriend after 8 months of separation. It was so sweet and unreal, I wanted to hold his hand forever and bless God that we did it! We couldn`t stop smiling and it was the best moment of our lives, which we used to visualize millions of times. Now when we travel through the same airport gates, it brings sad and happy moments at the same time and I would give advice to those who are together now physically to appreciate each day and every second of having each other. You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
  3. It makes you braver and more decisive. One day you will have to think of who will move and what you will have to leave behind; which documents you will have to have.
  4. Living by schedule.
  5. Loneliness. At times it can be the worst thing ever, especially on holidays such as the New Year, Valentine`s day. It seems like the whole world is in love and happy couples are everywhere. While you are chatting in Skype, everything seems so real. She is just right there, but as soon as you log off, there is no one beside you.
  6. Fears of being cheated.
  7. Arguments.
  8. Honesty. When I was in long-distance relationship myself, my boyfriend got into a car accident. The car was smashed into pieces, but he got some wounds only without any serious health consequences. He didn’t tell me when we were away. I found out only when I came back home, which hurt me a lot. I wanted him to be honest with me in everything. What if something worse happened? And I didn`t know anything about it.
  9. Surprises. Even if you are separated, there is still a chance to order delivery and surprise your partner.
  10. Make visits to each other if it possible. Even if it is short, it is going to contribute to keeping the love strong. We tend to forget the touch, remind each other about it. Surprise visits are appreciated more. It is easy to arrange so that your partner has no clue of you coming. Even if you are about to take a flight, you can excuse yourself and say that you are going to take a nap for some time. Find out what the person is going to do too. If you are really sure that your partner works from 8 to 5 at the same place, then there is nothing to worry about. Arrange plane tickets and do it. If there is no chance to fly to that particular country, you can meet at neutral territory. For example, it is convenient for both of you to meet in Istanbul, arrange to meet there. It may involve financial investment, but believe me it is worth it. You will have the most amazing sex, you will enjoy this vacation and it is going to be the craziest adventure.

What is the percentage of long distance relationships that work? It is about 60 %.

Things about long distance relationships to make them successful:

  1. No matter how much you love each other, there should be a clear vision of a happily ever after. If she is taking a 5-year contract to another part of the world somewhere in Alaska for some work experience in a village where there is a bad Internet connection, it is unlikely going to work. If you know exactly that you have to be apart for half a year, it is much more promising and you can make up a plan. One of the couples I know just didn`t survive long-distance relationship because of this reason. She moved to another country for an indefinite time, motivating it that she wanted to get enough foreign experience in customer service.
  2. You should have a future plan to look forward to. It might be a long-awaited trip after being apart for a long time. It is going to be motivation to keep going. One more couple I know were apart for half a year, but they planned a trip to Istanbul as a gift of reunion. It was their dream vacation, every day they were planning small details, choosing the hotel together, making up a plan of places they would visit.
  3. Have hobbies. You are alone, but not lonely. Use your free time for activities you like, enroll in a class and learn something new, go to the gym. When you live your life to the fullest, you are not going to be bored.
  4. Sexting. While you cannot have physical intimacy, you should keep the flame burning by sexual communication. Sex is not only physical, it is emotional too. Exchange photos and play with each other. But before starting choose an app, which is convenient for sending files. Sexting is very sensitive way of communication, you should learn the techniques. Words are not enough for sexting, you should add videos and photos to create a wow-effect.

    An example: “I was 1500 miles away from my boyfriend for a year, but it was not an obstacle for us to be in love and happy. I am from England and my boyfriend is from Europe. We spent all our free time together, travelling the world. It was the most romantic relationship, which I have ever had. We were making unforgettable memories all around the globe, leaving our hearts and souls in cosy corners of the planet. We shared our love with everything around us. I couldn`t imagine that one day there is going to be the end and we have to go back to our motherlands. We couldn`t imagine our lives without each other. The time of saying goodbyes came so soon. Half a year seemed like one day, but so many memories like the whole life. He proposed to me on the ship and it was only the beginning of our journey.

    However, I had to go back to my studies, I had to finish university and graduate. I needed one year. The work on the ship was an internship for me. I have always been dreaming to travel around the world with my significant one. I will never forget our escapes in different corners, once we went out in New Zealand. Only us, nature and beautiful vineyards. We had the most wonderful conversations, dreaming and doing crazy things. He was my soulmate, so we overcame the distance. I couldn`t imagine anyone except him as my husband. So if I had to wait more, I would. Is my long-distance relationship worth it? Definitely yes.”

In a long-distance relationship couples have to work harder. It is a real challenge to keep the fire burning. Facetime, whatsapp video and audio calls made it easier to be close, but still it won`t replace a real person.

Long distance relationship statistics is high for cheating. How often do long distance relationships work out? Often.

It would be great if there was a special section in the shop. But in real life finding a gift could be a real task. I will share with you the best idea, which definitely surprise your partner – letters to be open when…. It is one of the best meaningful ways to keep in touch and create a very strong bond. There can be unlimited number of letters. You should write a letter, put a small gift inside and seal a letter. On the top of a letter, you must put a date, when it is supposed to be open. The main rule is to open on the appointed date. “I have never felt stronger emotions than I experienced while being in long-distance relationship. Certain circumstances put me and my boyfriend apart for a year. Before I left, he gave me a letter box, it was pretty heavy, but he explained that I had to take it with me.

There were 20 letters inside with different dates. I was supposed to open them only on a certain date, it was a strict rule. You won`t believe, every time I was overwhelmed with emotions. Every time I needed his support and care, it was right there in the letter, an avalanche of warm words and love. In each letter, he put a picture of us on the same day last year. It was such a great support, I couldn`t wish any better. If you are in long-distance relationship, such gift would be the best idea. Once I was already losing my nerves, I wanted to see him so much, but I knew had to finish my degree and that day I found a letter with such words “You are strong my girl, I love you so much. Soon we are going to be together and there was a picture of us kissing.

Here are more gift ideas:

  1. Kissing mugs or similar keychains. One half stays with one person, another one goes with the other partner. It creates emotional intimacy.
  2. Love box messenger. It is an unusual way to exchange messages. It can be connected to any device via Wi-Fi. When the recipient gets a message, the heart spins and then you can open the lid and see the secret love message.
  3. If your partner is sweet tooth, present a chocolate wish box.

I hope these psychology facts about long distance relationship will help you! There are high chances of long-distance relationship working, partners should put enough efforts into it.