10 Worst First Date Questions You Could Possibly Ask

Some first dates are like a dream: from the moment you lock eyes, you know everything is going to be just right and it is. Others you wouldn’t repeat if someone offered you a million in cold, hard cash. Why does it happen? To tell the truth, there are plenty of different reasons, however, you have an opportunity to avoid awkward silence, if you are aware of the worst or inappropriate questions that a person has not to ask on a first date. Therefore, we’re going to list bad or even the worst first date topics and questions.

1. If you met at church or the seminary, discussing religion is probably OK. Otherwise, don’t bash anyone else’s preferences, because you never know what the experience of the other person has been. Furthermore, political preferences could be discussed, but we bet it would probably lead to a heavier conversation and take you away from getting to know everything else: the more basic, fundamental stuff.

2. Different health issues and alternative healing modalities are not an appropriate topic, including any other personal health pursuits.

3. Thinking about what questions you have not to ask on a first date? You shouldn’t discuss that horrible crime in the neighborhood. Nothing kills a mood faster than talking about a local violent crime. Turning the conversation towards the gory or tragic has a way of making someone question your mental state.

4. Being too pushy with the idea of marriage and a serious relationship seems to be completely wrong. Are you thinking about marriage in the background a little bit, even though this is just sort of your first romantic rendezvous? It sounds awful, doesn’t it?

5. Trying to figure out why a person is single is not an effective way to get to know someone better. It presumes something is wrong with the lady. We strongly recommend phrasing it as complimentary as possible.

6. It doesn’t seem a great idea to ask what your personal traits attract her to you. You’d better wait till she’ll be eager to give you a sincere compliment.

7. Besides, you should never ask if her lips, nails, or hair are real or something like “Is it your natural hair color?” Of course, we hope you don’t have to clarify if her arms or eyes are real or not. This is not a matter of saying the wrong thing or a need to know an answer about something which is her private thing. You’re eager to seem a polite and respectful person, aren’t you?

8. Do not say something like “Why do girls like jerks?” The right question is “What do you like in a guy?” Are you attracted to girls based solely on how “nice” or “jerky” they seem? Also, women evaluate men in more than one dimension. Even a shallow girl looks for more than one thing.

9. It seems weird to say why she is so emotional. For the most part, it’s safe to say that women comprise the more emotional half of a partnership. We’re wired differently and typically, we’re more sensitive than our male counterparts. But when we show signs of emotion, it’s because we care.

10. You should avoid money talks. You do not need to discuss your personal or official finances with a lady. Honestly, anything money-related should not be coming out of your mouth. All you can do is pay for the date.

Sometimes, despite even your best intentions, you say things to a girl that you shouldn’t. Nevertheless, despite the fact that our inter-planetary relations often lead to massive breakdowns in communication, there are some simple rules, which, if followed, can go a long way towards a solid relationship.