5 Red Flags in dating Ukrainian women

In its common meaning, red flags designate a reason to stop. In a romantic relationship with a woman, they are likely to be signs that your partner is not able to deepen your connection, and you would probably be disappointed. What are the main red flags when you are dating a beautiful Ukrainian woman? What signs should you be aware of? We are going to describe dating red flags you need to look out for in a woman. The sooner you realize it the better your chances are for dealing with the situation effectively and finding someone special.

1. She is not staying present, constantly checking the phone

Needless to say: your potential girlfriend constantly responding to notifications and texting during the meeting looks like a big turn-off. On the one hand, there is a chance she might be waiting on an important call from her granny or boss. On the other hand, if she does not explain this to you, leaving you to come to your own conclusions, it isn’t a particularly good sign. We’ve all heard plenty of terrible stories about vapid dinner conversations filled with awkward silences because a girl is more interested in what’s going on the phone than in the person she is supposed to be spending time with. What, the hell, is she doing? Posting on Facebook? Checking messages? Is she addicted to the phone? A lady who is more occupied with the phone is not interested in you. Is she serious about staying together? Maybe the lady’s attention just isn’t on you.

2. She brings her friend

A few days ago, one of our clients, let’s call him Sam, told us about his Tinder adventures. Finally, he plucked up the courage to ask out that drop-dead gorgeous damsel after he had communicated with her and had his eyes on for a while. He invited the lady to have lunch together. To his excitement, she said yes! However, Sam was unpleasantly surprised when she showed up with a sister at their date. He felt he was got roped into something he hadn’t signed up for. Why would an adult bring her sister on a romantic rendezvous? She explained that she needed a second independent opinion! Sam was outraged. If he had known that the lady he had asked out on a date was planning to bring along a chaperone, he would have planned the meeting in a different way. “If we were going to be a threesome, I would meet for a one-hour date at a coffee shop so the girls could look me over and evaluate me for a REAL date. I would play it cool and give each of the girls an equal amount of attention. I might even ask her sister out next time,” he said. Of course, it’s a joke, but not very funny. It soon became clear that the woman had zero romantic interest in Sam, and she just wanted him to take them both with her sister out because she wasn’t answering Sam’s calls. To sum up, if a woman refuses to go out unless there is a third party, usually her friend, it appears she’s not ready to date. Or they both just want to have a nice meal when a man pays.

3. A girl overdoes the romance without any solid foundation

Some people take longer to come out of their shell, and that’s fine, but there are some signs you should stay well clear of someone that is immediately apparent on a first date. When you meet for the very first time and a lady just seems to be too good to be true, she probably is. One of our American clients, let’s call him John, was thrilled when he got acquainted with a charming lady online. She started treating him as if he was the love of her life. For instance, the girl started calling him “honey” or “sweetie” fifteen minutes into the date. John was sure she was into him when she offered a marvelous trip together to Mexico on Christmas and have a little fun… at his expense. Nevertheless, she suddenly disappeared after he had refused to buy her Apple’s latest mobile launch. Therefore, if a lady is going overboard, it could be something more sinister than falling in love with you. Psychologists say that, essentially, one person falls into a false sense of security, which allows the other one to start taking advantage of him. The sweet nothings are full of empty promises because the woman is putting on an act. She knows that eventually, she will be able to get away with manipulations because the “victim” will want to get the fabulous lady back he thought he knew.

4. A girl insists to be taken to the fanciest restaurant

It’s important to be open-minded when you start dating someone. Sure, you might hate the way a woman leaves her cosmetics in your bathroom like she is curating an exhibition and as if by magic, suddenly everything at home becomes pink, but these things aren’t exactly deal-breakers. However, let’s imagine that you have just got acquainted with a pretty woman. And she chooses to dine in the fanciest restaurants and orders the most expensive dishes from the menu. Your first date, the second one, third… She rejects all your attempts to suggest a place or an activity. Furthermore, she tends to offer luxury dining establishments in suburbs or on the outskirts, where it’s a long shot to meet her friends. Doesn’t she want to be seen in your company? Is she shy? Embarrassed? Are you sure she’s sincerely interested in exploring your inner world? Certainly, if you are 62 and you want to impress a charming lady 20 years younger who says that age is just a number, you should be ready to order caviar and lobster tails. And don’t forget about diamonds!

Anyway, most young ladies don’t order foie gras on the first date unless their dates encourage them to. That leads us to the next point. Should a girl want to build a solid relationship, she will hardly insist on having oysters every day, if her potential boyfriend has an allergy, in particular, or on playing hide-and-seek. You don’t want to attract a gold digger, do you?

5. She wants to go shopping

Perhaps, you can’t agree more that just because something glitters doesn’t mean it is gold. Just because a lady is good-looking, wears an elegant dress, and is smiling brightly does not mean she is a good person. Let’s imagine a beautiful girl you see for the first time in your life offers to go shopping and buy everything she wants. When it comes to your first meeting, you haven’t built a romantic relationship yet and shopping doesn’t seem a good idea because it places a burden on having to purchase something to impress the lady unless you want to spend tons of money buying the woman a lot of stuff. Not to mention hold her bags for her and sit in wait in the hall or wherever doing nothing while she tries stuff on. Let us remind you expensive gifts are appropriate only if you are willing to give, but not at the beginning of a relationship.

We hope our warning related to red flags to look out for when you are dating women, won’t go unheeded. A gold digger arms herself with beauty, charm, charisma, and a huge dose of confidence. Be careful not to fall into her trap. The sooner you acknowledge her zebra’s stripes, the quicker you can stop treating her like your prized horse.