When you open a love novel, long descriptions of flirt and foreplay before sex look fantastic. In real life one of the partners will have a thought «Will this take long for you to finish?» fly through his or her head. Scientists also say that most of us would prefer sex which lasts less than fifteen minutes, including kisses and foreplay.

It sounds quite reasonable. Firstly, because both partners having quick sex do not bother being on top, which makes it brighter, than a usual «long» sexual act. Secondly, the excitement is so high, that it has no time to get through all the stages of going up and down. You catch it on its peak.

So, if you want your «quickies» to go great, you can use the following tricks.

Kiss without embarrassment.

As sexotherapist Patty Britton says «Kissing activates the centre of excitement in the brain because it makes neural impulses fly at an unthinkable speed to the brain and from it to other parts of the body. The production of pleasure hormones begins instantly and strengthens sexual desire». It means that you must kiss your partner so passionately, as if you haven’t seen each other for ages. Your energy will go to her and come back to you. And then, while setting yourselves up after a stormy 10-minute sex, you will keep wondering what has made you both lose your heads… The answer is simple – kisses.  

Do not undress.

Do not waste precious time undressing. Pull away only the clothes which prevent you from becoming one, lift up the hems and pull down the jeans and trousers. There are lots of positions that you can use even if there is no comfortable bed nearby. The fact that you are half-naked excites a lot. And a thouht that you want each other so much that you do not have time to undress works much better than any erotic videos.

Change the location.

Having a 5-minute sex in a usual bed will hardly give at least one of you unforgettable emotions. So, how about doing it on a washing machine? A kitchen table? In the child’s room while your child isn’t at home. Haven’t you tried having sex anywhere except your bedroom or shower? Shame on you! Don’t waste time and have sex wherever you want it.

New setting excites and makes your desire grow at the speed of light, especially if there is a chance to be caught by someone. However, in a more usual and safe setting when you are at home, new entourage will compensate for the possible discomfort. If you want it right here and right now, you will not care how hard the surface under your bodies is.

Think in «18+» category.

When you are trying to get excited as fast as possible, your brain helps you sending the right pictures. Make your thoughts dirty. Let your fantasies be so indecent as you can let yourself. No one will know what is inside your head anyway, so if you understand that quick sex is possible, turn on your inside video and imagine that you are doing it with either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but make yourself ready to act immediately. Even if you are already having a quick in your marital bedroom, you are free to imagine that you are at the tropical beach or in the toilet of a night club.

Comment on your actions.

So many people get excited by talks during sex. And if you are in the process of tearing off each other’s clothes, foul language can be a good companion, which really excites! Tell your partner how exactly you want her, or what you will do to her in half a minute. Express your intentions with any words that come to your mind.


Focusing on each other is the most important in quick sex. You have to concentrate on the wishes of you both together and each other’s separately. If one gets excited, the other will react with excitement as well. Leave long strokes and flirting for the time when you both find yourselves on the floor of the hall relaxed and calm.