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We have started as a traditional dating agency in Ukraine at the beginning of 2000th providing international dating service and collaborating with international dating service sites. In 2008 professional international dating service Paradisedate.com.ua was born. Several years after we have decided to separate our brand for ladies. We have created a unique boutique matchmaking service for gentlemen Diolli.com. We are truly passionate about both our brands. Paradisedate.com.ua is a classical well-known international dating service company among Ukrainian women dating foreign gentlemen. We organize special trainings, seminars and even run ladies’ club for our female clients. International dating service market in Ukraine and worldwide is evolving and changing all the time. Professional matchmaking service is beyond fashion. Professionalism and high-quality standards were always our key priorities. With years we have also gained experience and respect not only among our clients but also inside the industry winning “The Best Matchmaker” Award at the International Dating service conference Idate 2016 in Miami.

My name is Svetlana and I’m the leading matchmaker and the director of the Diolli.com. I have been working at the international dating service industry for more than 10 years enjoying working with people and of course the results of my work. I worked with the big dating sites and also with small local companies. My experience has convinced me that the most successful way to meet your perfect match in the modern world is matchmaking.

How has everything started?

Once I was searching for a creative job that will include working with people and my knowledge of foreign languages. A happy chance brought me to a small international dating service agency that worked for a big international dating service site. At first I’ve got a position of an interpreter. I was translating letters of clients. Every day I was translating about 50 very private romantic letters. I have never seen the clients neither male nor female but I had a feeling that I was a part of this process. It was like watching an amazing spectacle through the keyhole. Time went by and I was promoted. I have started to work with female clients in the office. I helped them to fill in the forms and did the translation. With time I could easily identify the author by the letter. Later I have started doing interpretation. I met couples and I was the third wheel at their dates.

I was so surprised how different people could be and how various their needs are.

I was so surprised how different people could be and how various their needs are. I remember perfectly well how I have turned from the ordinary interpreter to the matchmaker. At the cold Kiev airport we were waiting with a driver for a gentleman from USA who has spent the whole day in the air to meet the lady he has been corresponding with for a year. In spite of the long exhausting trip and sever Ukrainian winter the date was set on the evening of his arrival. On the way from the airport and while waiting for the lady at the restaurant HE has told me about his first love, ex-wife, loneliness, plans and hopes for the future, his favorite job and friends. Finally SHE has arrived… She was beautiful just like he has described and really excited. After they have discussed his trip, terrible traffic and bad weather they unexpectedly ran out of common themes. They have ordered wine. SHE has relaxed a little bit and has started talking about work. SHE was a nurse and the rest of the evening SHE was telling him about her work at the hospital and about patients. HE was smiling politely. Then HE has asked her if she wanted to have more children. Her answer was negative. HE has asked her if she liked travelling but SHE said she felt sick in the airplanes. HE has asked her if she liked dogs but SHE turned out to be allergic. I must admit both of them tried really hard to make this date work. Another long hour of her endless stories about hospital and his brief questions has passed by and finally HE has accompanied her to the taxi. SHE waved and gave him a goodbye smile and it was obvious that this date was the first and the last for them. HE looked tired and disappointed. There was a long lonely week in Kiev ahead for him.

When I have returned back home I kept thinking what went wrong? HE and SHE were nice people so nobody was guilty. They did their best to find some mutual attraction but they were just too different. Next day in the office I saw that nurse. She was talking to one of our interpreters. She was talking about the hospital and also complaining about her last date. She said that the man didn’t talk much and looked tired and wasn’t interested in her stories about the hospital but in his letters he always complimented her and asked about her work. While corresponding they have discussed cute little things but have never talked seriously about life perhaps because instinctively they were afraid not to please each other.

Also I have told her that he really wanted to have family and children and his favorite color was blue. After that I have checked her profile and found out she would like to spend her first date in a cozy small café drinking cappuccino instead of going to a crowded fancy restaurant. Also I have read that she believed a man should bring lady’s favorite flowers to the first date just like in Hollywood movies. Also I have found out that during cold wintertime she loved cheering herself up with white chocolate. Then I have called the men and have shared with him all the information I have found out. At first he felt skeptical about the lady.

During the first year after they have officially become a husband and a wife we were corresponding with this couple a lot. They have sent me photos and post cards from their trips. Each time they have travelled to Ukraine we have met to drink her favorite cappuccino. Years went by but I still receive Christmas postcards from them. After my first matchmaking experience I have systematically broken the rules of the agency I worked for at that moment and I was matching people using my intuition and experience. Of course there were rumors about it at first among the clients and then among senior managers. A year later I was hired by a more tolerant international dating service agency and my next step was starting my own matchmaking agency that I successfully run since 2008. In 2014 we have changed the name and have launched the new web site to be able to provide even better service for our clients. Now I am extremely happy and proud to present Diolli.com.

Professionalism and talent is the base of my work. You need to understand people, to know the right questions, to observe your clients. Not every interpreter can become a good matchmaker, not every professional psychologist without the specific knowledge and experience can create couples. I think you need to have an innate talent. When I participate in international dating service conventions and professional conferences and talk to the CEOs and managers of the leading dating sites I realize that the main issues in the industry are still unsolved. During the convention in Koln IDating 2014 I have asked the owners and the managers of the big international dating service sites how many couples do they match by their service per year? To my big surprise almost nobody has such information because creating couples is not their final goal. They simply can’t and frankly speaking don’t have to know their clients. Their goal is creating a high-quality international dating service site that is user-friendly and interesting and the clients are on their own there. Nobody guides them through the process of finding the perfect match and nobody teaches them how to avoid the biggest mistakes. When I tell them what we do and how we work the reaction is surprise and shock. The most common reaction is “This is so hard and time-consuming”. Yes, providing high quality personal service is time-consuming and sometimes really hard. Matchmakers do specific professional and filigree work. Matchmaking is not for everyone! And it is not just because of the price.

If a person has unrealistic expectations we won’t have him as a client even if he is ready to triple our fee. Selectivity and case-by-case approach is the base of our work. If you ask me how many couples we have created during the past years I will tell you the exact number. If you ask me how many couples we have created last year I will tell you how and where a groom has proposed to his fiancée and what her wedding dress looked like. Thinking of my fist matchmaking experience I realize that only my intuition, observations and little hints have helped two singles finally find each other.

Selectivity and case-by-case approach is the base of our work

Success of my work is not measured in the number of users of a international dating service site but in the number of people who have managed to find their best halves. Life is so busy that we simply don’t have time anymore to write decent long letters. Sometimes we are too shy to represent ourselves in the best way or to ask the right questions. We are afraid to step out of our comfort zones, we make the same mistakes all the time, and we chose wrong people and get disappointed. That man in Kiev could have joined the army of disappointed singles if he wouldn’t have taken the risk and hadn’t met the woman I have recommended him to meet. It’s our right to make a choice. We can hope that our best half will find us while we spend life in our cozy apartment and will simply knock through worldwide web. But instead of waiting you can contact a professional matchmaking agency and significantly speed the process of your search.

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