Agency for Marriage

Since 2008 professionally helps singles to find the life partner who shares their values and is emotionally ready and available for marriage.

We measure success in the number of couples whom we have managed to create within the last decade. We respect the privacy of our members, so you won’t see any pictures or videos online – only a few exceptions – really special couples who have agreed to share their stories. In the office in Kharkiv, you will notice many photos of smiling brides and grooms, family pictures, and post-cards sent by the ex-clients, but you won’t find any of these online. When we claim we are truly good at what we do, and we respect privacy – we mean it.

As a boutique matchmaking agency, we conduct efficient service, which means our male clients are meeting only serious Ukrainian ladies who are interested in a real healthy serious relationship and of course LOVE. If you are craving a romantic adventure that has the power to change your single status and give you a happy end – then you most definitely can have one with us. We will make sure your adventure is safe, time-efficient, and effective.

We work with exceptional people who believe international couples have so much more fun!

The biggest advantage of dating someone from another country is choosing the best from each culture and bringing it into your relationship. After all, love really knows no borders and language barriers, overcomes all this, and makes us better.

We work with men from different cultures with unique backgrounds and understanding what is physically beautiful and attractive, but these gentlemen are truly romantic and want the matchmaker to help them meet the right person and build relationships leading to marriage. The world is getting smaller and now you can be a one phone call away from someone who lives in a different time-zone. Of course, dating a person from another zip code is not for everyone, but we always knew people who select service are truly unique, adventurous, open-minded, intelligent, and curious.

So, what is the professional matchmaking service actually like? It is efficient, reliable, and reputable.
Our motto is “where you invest your love you invest your life”.

Thereby, when we recruit single women into the private closed database we are in fact thoroughly picky and work in the best interest of the male clients. We believe that both our male and female clients have the right to choose among the best candidates!

We know how to make the dating process not only effective but also pleasant and rewarding. It shouldn’t be boring, frustrating, or exhausting. If you want to have a beautiful Ukrainian lady next to you who can become your true life partner, we can unquestionably save you lots of time and prevent lots of heartbreak and help you get results you deserve.

We treat every client with respect and attention and are their personal cheerleaders who want only the best results for every person we start working with.