Ways to Express Love Without Words

According to Gary Chapman, the writer of the book “Five languages of love”, there are five different ways to express and receive affection. It depends on what your partner prefers, you can choose the best one. Some people prefer physical affection, some like gifts, maybe your woman would prefer an active of service from you rather than a kiss, others will appreciate actual words.

People often say, “I love you” without even making these words have real sense. Because of being busy at work, being tired, having rest we sometimes find it very difficult to express love without saying a word and make our beloved feel it is true. Very often it is not enough to say something, you must also do something to show your feelings to the person you do not imagine your life without. We offer you to look through and use at least one of our ways of saying I love you without words.

You may send a message to your partner every day with confessions, but if your partner doesn`t really feel it besides words, it doesn’t have much importance.

  1. Make surprises. You may buy a little trifle, which will have a great meaning. What could it be? It might be anything, starting with a soft toy, heart-shaped pillow, a photo frame and finishing with an armchair or chair with a heart-shaped back. Every time she will sit in this armchair or lay a head on the pillow, she will think of you and remember your hugs. Maybe you remember what her favorite ice cream is or what coffee she prefers. If your girlfriend is upset with something, bring favourite food like sushi or delicious pizza. Sweet gestures do not require lots of investment, you should make random surprises on a daily basis.
  2. Another way to show love through actions is to give two things that cannot exist without each other. This could be a fish and an aquarium with water. Without water the fish will die, without the fish, the aquarium will be just a water container…
  3. If you passionately desire your beloved, choose something that will help you both to express attraction towards each other. Number one choice here is sexual underwear or bed linen. If you want something more exquisite, make a heart-shaped bathroom for two of you. In it, you will have a chance to relax together, make a massage and enjoy the sexy aroma of bath foam.
  4. Make romantic gestures. What do I mean? Some people think in order to do something pleasant, it should be a grand romantic gesture, which requires a huge amount of preparation. You can smell the hair of your beloved after she takes a bath, touch her body gently, hold a hand, and look into the eyes. I am sure you can do it. Stargaze together on the balcony covered with warm blankets. Go camping at night and share secrets, dream and build strong emotional connection.
  5. Do not compare your woman with anyone else. Sometimes you may innocently drop something like: “ My ex couldn`t cook at all. But you are the best cook. I adore your pancakes.” Be careful with such comparison, on one hand you give a compliment, on the other hand you remind of you ex even though you do it with a positive connotation. Or what could be even worse, you may say: “ My mum`s borsch is much better, but anyway you are the best!”
  6. How to show someone you love them with actions? Do not underestimate little details, which play a very important role in relationship. You can get up earlier and make breakfast for your lady, call in the middle of the day and ask how it is going, pick up after work.
  7. Be selfless. Have you ever sacrificed your happiness just to make your beloved smile? At least sometimes, make the needs of your lady more important than your personal ones.
  8. Your special dates. Do you remember the day you asked her to date for the first time? Sharing your happiness and showing that you remember them is one of the best ways to express deep feelings. You can repeat the date with all the details in the same scene: watching the same movie, but getting new emotions or eating the same food, going to the restaurant of your first date. One of the married couples I know recreated their first date after 5 years of being married. It brought overwhelming emotions. She remembered every single word he said on that night. And after 5 years they could hold their hands tight, hugging each other and cherishing their strong feelings. It was a real treasure. You can do it once to experience the same emotions like few years ago, but if you repeat it frequently, it won`t bring the same effect.
  9. How to say I love you without saying it? Show your affection. Let the entire world know how much you appreciate your woman. Show that you are proud to be together. Hold your hands while walking, hold her tight while watching a movie, hug when you are together. Do not miss a good morning kiss and hug before you leave to work.
  10. How to show love to her without words? Listen. Do not leave what your better half tells you or asks you to do without your attention. Respect her opinion and listen. Even though you have heard that story from childhood hundred of times, listen like you hear it for the first time.
  11. Surprise in bed. Sexual intimacy creates a very strong bond, you can make it special, when you want to express deep feelings.
  12. Support. Love does not consist only of sex. Taking care is another way to express love. Your support and advice at a hard moment is what she needs. So give a helping hand, especially if she is asking you to do it.
  13. Do everything together. Clean your house, cook food, wash the dishes, etc. try to do these routine house chores together.
  14. Have fun. When you are at home play hide-and-seek and try to call each other by using funny nicknames, which only you two will know.

But sometimes we really need to hear these magic words: “ I love you”, it is difficult to do without them and it is up to you how you say it. You can do it in different ways. Leave a handmade note on a pillow. People rarely do it, because it is becoming old-fashioned in the world of high-tech. But it is really sweet and makes your partner`s day. My female friend told me about a relationship with a guy 7 years older than her, he was head over heels in love with her. Because she could make simple things matter, she used to write him a note in the morning: “You are my world”. Once she left a message on the mirror with her red lipstick:

“My king, love you to the moon and back”. It is really touching and matters a lot ot keep the spark going in a relationship.

Finally, remember that the ways to express love can be absolutely unexpected and unusual since love is so many-sided and mysterious. Let whatever you do be understandable only to you and your beloved. And the closer you become to each other the brighter and more original these ways of expressing your feelings will be.