People often say, “I love you” without even making these words have real sense. Because of being busy at work, being tired, having rest we sometimes find it very difficult to express love without saying a word and make our beloved feel it is true. Very often it is not enough to say something, you must also do something to show your feelings to the person you do not imagine your life without. We offer you to look through and use at least one of our ideas of how to express love without words.

  • Make surprises. One of the best ways to show that you love a girl is to surprise her now and then. You can buy her a little trifle, which will have a great meaning. What could it be? No matter how banal it may seem, if you want to express love, give your heart to the girl you love. It can be anything, starting with a soft toy, heart-shaped pillow, a photo frame and finishing with an armchair or chair with a heart-shaped back. Every time she will sit in this armchair or lay her head on the pillow, she will think of you and remember your hugs.

Another way to show you cannot live without your beloved is to give her two things that cannot exist without each other. This could be a fish and an aquarium with water. Without water the fish will die, without the fish, the aquarium will be just a water container…

If you passionately desire your beloved, choose something that will help you both to express love towards each other. Number one choice here is sexual underwear or bed linen. If you want something more exquisite, make a heart-shaped bathroom for two of you. In it, you will have a chance to relax together, make a massage and enjoy the sexy aroma of bath foam.

Are you ready to go anywhere for your better half? Buy two pairs of sneakers and write love words on them. You will leave one pair for yourself and give another to your beloved. This is not only a nice but also a very practical way to say I love you. And if your beloved has a good sense of humor, she will definitely appreciate it.

  • Make romantic gestures. What do I mean? You can smell the hair of your beloved after she takes a bath, touch her body gently, hold her hand, and look into her eyes. I am sure you can do it.
  • Do not underestimate little details, which play a very important role in relationship. You can get up earlier and make breakfast for your lady, call in the middle of the day and ask how it is going, pick up her home after work.
  • Be selfless. Do you believe that love, which needs no praise, exists? Have you ever sacrificed your happiness just to make your beloved smile? At least sometimes, make the needs of your beloved more important than your personal ones.
  • Your special dates. Do you remember the day you asked her to date for the first time? Do you have other special dates? Sharing your happiness and showing that you remember them is one of the best ways to express love.
  • Show your affection. Let the entire world know how much you love your woman. Show that you are proud to be together with her. Hold your hands while walking, hold her tight while watching a movie, hug her when you are together.
  • Listen to her. Do not leave what your better half tells you or asks you to do without your attention. Respect her opinion and listen to her.
  • Support. Love does not consist only of love and sex. Taking care of your beloved is another way to express love to her. Your support and advice at a hard moment is what she needs. So give her a helping hand, especially if she is asking you to do it.
  • Do everything together. Clean your house, cook food, wash the dishes, etc. try to do these routine house chores together.
  • Have fun. When you are at home play hide-and-seek and try to catch each other, give each other stupid nick-names, which only you two will know.

Finally, remember that the ways to express love can be absolutely unexpected and unusual since love is so many-sided and mysterious. Let whatever you do be understandable only to you and your beloved. And the closer you become to each other the brighter and more original these ways of expressing your feelings will be.