By Svetlana Mukha

  • age is just a number

    Is age really just a number? Matchmaking insight

    Is age really just a number? As a professional matchmaker who is matching singles for more than 10 years already I can confess that every week at least 2 or 3 times I hear the phrase «age is just a number». It is interesting that male clients more often than female clients claim that age […]

  • why-is-jon-snow-heir

    What to do if you didn’t succeed with a girl during first attempt?

    What to do if you didn’t succeed with a girl during your first visit to Ukraine? As a professional matchmaker who counts professional success in the number of happy relationships that were created with the help of our team of cupids of course I prefer it when a client travels to Ukraine and hits it […]

  • ukrainian woman

    Are they just looking for a better life?

    Many gentlemen have heard rumors that Ukrainian girls are extremely beautiful and have traditional family values. Usually gentlemen name these two qualities as their reasons to date Ukrainian girls. Of course every gentleman will have his own definition of traditional family values. Within last 10 years I have heard more traditional definitions like “putting family […]

  • matchmaking agency in Ukraine

    5 principles of successful matchmaking agency

    As a founder and leading matchmaker at boutique matchmaking agency in Ukraine who is into professional matchmaking business for 10 years already I have noticed a drastic difference between matchmaking service in the USA and Eastern Europe. I have started my journey in the dating industry from the typical mail-order brides company as an […]

  • svetlana mukha

    How to become a matchmaker

    After winning the “best professional matchmaker Award” at iDate 2016 has brought the new trend to Ukraine – matchmaking service. Before that it was more common to see “dating agencies” or “marriage agencies”. The majority of them were brandless and faceless and worked with big mail-order brides dating sites. Their websites were in Russian […]

  • matchmaking agency Ukraine

    Is matchmaking the best chance to find true love?

    So often people ask us why do they need to start the matchmaking process and to pay a professional matchmaker to be introduced to someone? Isn’t it more “natural” to meet someone in the street or to be introduced through friends? 15 years ago many people found the idea of online dating strange and unnatural. […]

  • matchmaking agency in Ukrain

    Ukrainian brides at why we are the best?

    First of all let’s discuss the right and wrong reasons to be looking for Ukrainian brides. If you want to have the most romantic adventure of your life, if you want from the very beginning to fill you relationship with extra romance, sense of adventure and make it truly special – then you should seriously […]

  • matchmaking process

    Top mistakes men make during the matchmaking process

    As a professional matchmaker with 10 years of experience I can assure you that all clients both male and female do mistakes during the matchmaking process. It is inevitable. Dating is an emotional process and of course when feelings are involved it is sometimes really hard to be logical and rational and not to let […]

  • matchmaker

    5 reasons you should listen to your personal matchmaker

    Not so long ago I had a lunch with a female friend. We went to the same business school and since that time we tried to get together at least every two or three years though right after we got our diplomas me managed to meet several times per year. I caught some traffic so […]

  • professional matchmaker

    5 signs that you need a personal matchmaker

    Nowadays it seems so easy to meet someone. You just need your smartphone and Internet access and in several minutes you are ready to swipe right and left, filter thousands of new smiling faces by height, age, eye colour and even political views or you just can text friends of your friends on Facebook. In […]