By Svetlana Mukha

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    5 reasons you should listen to your personal matchmaker

    Not so long ago I had a lunch with a female friend. We went to the same business school and since that time we tried to get together at least every two or three years though right after we got our diplomas me managed to meet several times per year. I caught some traffic so […]

  • professional matchmaker

    5 signs that you need a personal matchmaker

    Nowadays it seems so easy to meet someone. You just need your smartphone and Internet access and in several minutes you are ready to swipe right and left, filter thousands of new smiling faces by height, age, eye colour and even political views or you just can text friends of your friends on Facebook. In […]

  • dating service

    6 modern dating trends you might see in 2018

    Being a professional international matchmaker for almost 10 years already I have witnessed not only the evolution of the international and local dating service, but also the appearance and further development of the certain dating trends. In this article I would concentrate on international dating. We will discuss a very specific niche represented by numerous […]

  • matchmaking process

    Matchmaking for professionals: how it works

    So often I hear from my friends and potential clients how hard it is to meet someone special nowadays. Usually our female clients in their late 20s complain that it is impossible to meet a decent single gentleman who is young, never married, has no kids and is ready to start relationship that can lead […]

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    Matchmaking process by

    Today I would like to answer one of the most popular questions: what is the matchmaking process by really like? First of all I want to highlight that is a premium offline boutique matchmaking service. We don’t do online because we find it less efficient than traditional matchmaking service. We do not have […]

  • ukraine and usa

    What do Ukrainian women really want from American men?

    I believe it is important to make a statement right at the beginning of this article: it is a total myth that ALL Ukrainian women dream to marry American men, leave Ukraine and start a life in the USA. In reality the majority of ladies that join matchmaking service at the very beginning prefer […]

  • matchmaking agency in ukraine

    4 principles of – matchmaking agency is a professional boutique matchmaking service founded in 2008. From the very beginning I knew that I wanted to create a truly efficient high quality offline dating service that would help international singles find each other. At the very beginning we have experimented with the format of work, which has taught us a lot: […]

  • Ocean-Eight-Fashion

    How to avoid Ukrainian gold-diggers?

    Lets start with defining who these gold-diggers are. The first thing that Google suggests you to check out is the Kanye West song. We won’t concentrate on this though. Wikipedia define “gold digging” as engaging in romantic relationships for money rather than love. Let’s try to get to the bottom of the “gold digging” phenomenon […]

  • how to date

    How to date a Ukrainian girl

    Slavic ladies and especially Ukrainian girls are well known around the world. The rumour has it that Ukrainian ladies are natural beauties, love taking care of their appearance, dress to impress and still have traditional family values and are immune to emancipation. There are lots of articles and videos in the Internet with useful and […]

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    5 facts men looking for a wife in Ukraine should know about local ladies

    I am pretty sure that most of gentlemen have already heard rumours about the beauty of Slavic ladies, and especially about the beauty of ladies from Ukraine. Some of these gentlemen have even “faced the evidence” by traveling to Ukraine or running into a beautiful Ukrainian woman in his country or in the Internet. Beauty […]