By Svetlana Mukha

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    5 facts men looking for a wife in Ukraine should know about local ladies

    I am pretty sure that most of gentlemen have already heard rumours about the beauty of Slavic ladies, and especially about the beauty of ladies from Ukraine. Some of these gentlemen have even “faced the evidence” by traveling to Ukraine or running into a beautiful Ukrainian woman in his country or in the Internet. Beauty […]

  • Difference

    Differences between Ukrainian and Western Cultures

    At we work with gentlemen from all over the globe. We had male clients from Western and Eastern Europe, from Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and even Island. Of course a huge percentage of our male clients is from the USA. Why? Well, probably because American gentlemen tend to really like Slavic looks and […]

  • matchmaking issues

    The main issues of the matchmaking process

    I am a professional matchmaker for almost 10 years now and it is truly a passion and career for me and definitely not just an exotic hobby. To be really good in every profession you have to be really skilled and experienced in what you are doing. Of course you have to constantly work on […]

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    The Forbidden fruit or can you date your sexual fantasy?

    “I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.” Beautiful Disaster – Jamie McGuire I love reading! I read a lot of business literature, psychological books, classics and of course necessary books and articles for my PHD research. Every […]

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    How to understand that you have received a good service?

    How to understand that you have received a good service or Mr. Richardson’ 50 shades of complaints We are so happy, that almost all our clients understand the value of a good service and in the end of the matchmaking process they are really glad, that they have started it with us. As you know, […]

  • pay the bill

    Who pays the bill at the first date in Ukraine?

    Dear gentlemen, when you ask a Ukrainian lady out you should always keep in mind that she is not expecting to pay the bill at the date. It is just not in our culture. If after the date you ask the lady to share the bill with you, then this will be your first and […]

  • online dating

    Most common mistakes while using a dating site

    So one perfect evening while spending another hour in the internet wearing your pyjama and having a glass of wine or diet cola you have decided to change your single status and to finally bring love into your life. The first thing that comes in mind is a dating site. It looks so easy – […]

  • opposite

    Do Opposites Really Attract? 

    Of course everyone knows the saying that birds of a feather flock together, but can you apply this to your romantic life? Can you apply this rule to international dating? Many international researches come to a conclusion that when people date in their country they usually feel attracted to people of their age, who have […]

  • pretty liars

    5 types of ladies to avoid while “dating” at the International Dating Sites

    Before starting boutique matchmaking company 9 years ago, I have been working as an interpreter at several dating agencies or as they often call themselves “marriage agencies” which were collaborating with big International Dating Sites. I am extremely grateful for that experience, because not every day you get a chance to actually be present […]

  • birds of a feather flock

    Birds of a feather flock together

    Every now and then I run into an article online that claims – opposites attract. There are so many books and movies where bad boys fall in love with good girls or lonely handsome rich guys find their happiness with poor small town girls. I love “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts. This is a great […]