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    What should you say when you meet Ukrainian girls?

    The topic of this article can be of big interest to foreign men who have arranged the dates with the Ukrainian girls they have chosen in a matchmaking agency. What should you say and what is better not to say when you meet Ukrainian girls? To begin with, I want you to remember the three […]

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    How to make compliments to ladies from Ukraine. Part 2

    From the first part of the article, you have learnt some theory about making compliments to ladies from Ukraine. So, you are ready to face practical advice. There are two types of compliments: direct and indirect. Direct compliments praise a girl or one of her qualities openly. They are good at the beginning stage of […]

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    How to make compliments to ladies from Ukraine?

      Do you want to make your date perfect and your Ukrainian beauty like you? If so, this article will help you learn how to make compliments to ladies from Ukraine. It is well known that men love with their eyes, whereas women love with their ears. Not only ladies from Ukraine, but also women […]

  • Meet the Parents

    10 tips on how to behave when she introduces you to her parents

    So, you are lucky to find a Ukrainian girlfriend, you have already had a couple of dates with her, you have serious intentions and think that you are ready to marry her. There is one more test you have to pass – being introduced to your future wife’s parents. I am sure that it is […]

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    Marriage Agency in Ukraine for Happy Married Life

    It is important for every person to be loved and to love someone with heart and soul – more when we are looking for our life partner. You cannot afford to take risks when you are planning to marry. You need the right person, who shares your interests, goals and who turns out to be […]

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    What kind of Ukrainian girls address matchmaking agencies and why?

    Hello my dear readers. Today’s article is devoted to those of you who decided to look for your destiny outside your country and find yourself a wife abroad. I am sure that many of you, especially the ones who are using the help of a matchmaking agency, have noticed that you can meet lots of […]

  • The first date

    What is the ideal length of the first date?

    So many men, so many minds is the best answer to this question. There is a common expression: happiness makes time pass and if you really enjoy communicating with your date, you will not notice  that it is already time to say good-bye. Still, the question about the ideal length of a date exists, and […]

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    Appropriate presents for Ukrainian woman – How not to spoil the impression?

    If you have decided to marry a Ukrainian woman, you will surely want to make something pleasant for her. This could be a decision to give her a present, which will show how much you appreciate her. However, you can give her something that will spoil her attitude to you. To help you not to […]

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    How to charm and marry a lady from Ukraine?

    Let us imagine a situation: your matchmaker has found you several ladies from Ukraine who you liked. The next step for you is to meet these ladies from Ukraine. Your number one task is to decide if there is the one you would like to share your life with, and if you meet such a […]

  • Ukrainian woman 40th

    How to find a girlfriend after 40? Why ladies from Ukraine after 40 will make a good wife?

    «A lady after 40 is so independent and self-sufficient, that she has the right to decide how old she is and where her waist is»   Sophia Loren. I have decided to take Sophia Loren’s quote as the epigraph to my article because it can make one understand that being  more than thirty is one […]