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  • distance-relationships

    What is the best way to communicate in long-distance relationship?

    Any relationship is hard work. And if you have to start long-distance relationship, you must understand that you will work much harder. However, there are many couples who have gone through this and are happy now. Having read some of their stories, we have decided to devote this article to the issue of communication in […]

  • relationships status

    How many dates in a relationship make them real?

    To answer this question let us get a sense what relationship between a man and a woman means. To help us do it let us make the following comparison. I am sure that you have a lot of acquaintances and friends among whom you have one best friend. You greet your acquaintances when you see […]

  • go on a date

    How often to go on a date?

    This day has finally come. You are here, in Ukraine, ready to meet your possible future destiny. Before you meet her, you talk to your matchmaker, prepare yourself, buy a big bouquet of flowers and look forward to the moment you see HER… You come to a good restaurant and are excited to see your […]

  • flirt

    Flirting tips for men

    The language of flirt is the most widespread means of communication between men and women. It can help you make a good impression and be in the limelight wherever you are. If you want to be noticed and find the way to love, friendship and sex with the most interesting women, you must “speak” the […]

  • love a woman

    Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

    Do you remember the famous Bryan Adams’ song? I will remind you of the lyrics: «To really love a woman To understand her you gotta know her deep inside Hear every thought see every dream N’ give her wings when she wants to fly Then when you find yourself lyin’ helpless in her arms Ya […]

  • Get intimate

    When is the right time to get intimate with the Ukrainian girl?

    Not so long ago I have found a funny article in the Internet.  The author – American gentleman – whose age I don’t know because I couldn’t find his picture or any information about him – has recommended other western gentlemen that travel to Ukraine to obligatorily get intimate with a Ukrainian girl only after […]

  • advice

    Relationship advice for men

    Hey, you… yes, you, my friend! I am happy that you are reading these words. Since, if you ARE reading them, you are not lost for this society and care about good relationship with your woman. That is why, having read this article, you will definitely find a couple of good advice on relationship which […]

  • What to wear on a first date?

    What to wear on a first date: outfit ideas Perhaps, a vast majority of people will agree — the first date puts a great start to a serious romantic relationship. Furthermore, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so the first date (it really doesn’t matter whether it’s a coffee or […]

  • first date disaster

    10 mistakes that can make your first date a disaster

    Good time of day to you, my dear readers. This article can be a good help for those who are going to meet Ukrainian girls soon. Even if you have had thousands of dates, I offer you to look through this guide of the most widespread mistakes that can spoil your first date and leave […]

  • interracial dating

    Peculiarities of interracial dating

    Peculiarities of interracial dating We would like to devote our article to such topic. Being an international matchmaking agency, we think it is important to highlight this question since we are directly connected with the situation when people from all over the world want to check how a dating site for interracial relationships works. We […]