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  • she likes you

    How to understand if love is real?

    So, there is a girl that you like a lot, but… you do not understand what exactly she feels towards you. Read our article and find out how to understand that the girl loves you. Sign of true love from a girl #1.She calls or writes you first. The girl starts communication because she is […]

  • she doesn't like you

    Why Girls Don’t Like You?

    Very often our clients ask us questions like “Why don’t girls like me?”, “Why don’t girls notice me?”, “Why can’t I start relationship?”, etc. If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, we advise you to read our article and look at yourself from the outside. Maybe you need to change a bit […]

  • batman

    First date tips: How to improve confidence?

    It is not a secret that the first date is the most important step in the life of two people. That is why you may be nervous going on this event and the first impression a woman will get of you can be spoilt. To help you improve your confidence, we have decided to prepare […]

  • dating questions

    The 5 Most Common Dating Questions

    Going on a date you must understand one thing: women rarely ask questions just to keep the conversation going. Especially if it is the first date, a woman does not know anything about you and she will try to make up her opinion about you. Therefore it is very important not to make a false […]

  • How To Feel More Confident In Bed

    How To Feel More Confident In Bed

    I am sure that you can hardly find one man, who has not tried to solve the mystery of how to always be desired. We all know that sex is cool and a man’s task is not only to catch a woman but also to be able to please her. In other case she will […]

  • Ukrainian brides

    Are Ukrainian brides willing to immigrate to another country?

    Very often, people, who find out that I work for an international matchmaking agency, ask me the same question, which seems quite strange to me: «Do Ukrainian brides really want to move to another country?» Every time I say that the answer is clear: if they have chosen to address us, they want to find […]

  • international dating

    How to know if you are ready for international dating?

    So, you have started thinking of building relationship with a woman from abroad. You have already found a matchmaking agency or a dating site, which will help you in your search, but… Are you really ready for international dating? Before going for it, we offer to have a good look at yourself and understand if […]

  • proposal

    How to plan a perfect proposal to a Ukrainian bride

    If you have found your ONE, are thinking of breaking up with your bachelor life and are sure that the time to make a proposal to your Ukrainian bride has come, this article can give you some advice, which will help to prepare for such an outstanding event and plan a perfect proposal. Some people […]

  • how to split the bill

    Who Pays For the First Date?

    The moment when the waiter brings you the bill is one of the most crucial during the first date. Keeping the good manners, both a man and a woman have to take out their wallets and this is when the destiny of their couple is decided. A lot of people think that when the first […]

  • dating tips

    How to keep the romance alive?

    You are in relationship. Everything seems to be okay. Still, you feel that everything is not the way it used to be. You have become colder to each other. What has happened? The answer is simple: everyday routine has forced the romance, which is vital for every relationship, out of your life.  Do you want […]