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    When is it right time to invite her to your place?

    It`s often a dilemma for guy to decide when it`s actually the right time to invite lady to his place. I can say that it depends on what you actually want from the lady. Do you see her as your potential girlfriend in the future or she is just another hot chick for you? In […]

  • she doesn't love you back

    How to Deal With a Girl That Doesn’t Love You back

    Unfortunately, love is not always mutual. So what should you do if the girl does not love you back? Frankly speaking, there are only three ways of behavior if she doesn’t love you back. Let us take a look at them together. Let her go.  Of course, you must understand that doing so, you must […]

  • hot girls

    What is the difference between ‘beautiful’ and ‘hot’?

    Does “hot” always mean beautiful? And vice versa does beautiful always mean hot? What is the definition of “hot”? Is it the same for everyone? I`ve decided to ask some of my male friends how they imagine a hot girl to help me actually identify her. Dennis 33 y.o.: I will find a girl hot […]

  • big little lie

    What is the best age gap in a relationship

    I always hear that age is just a number. Is age just a number in a relationship as well? Does age gap impact relationship in some way? If there is a perfect age gap in relationship, do you think it will last forever? And what is a perfect age gap in a relationship? I found […]

  • feminism

    Is feminism destroying the institution of marriage?

    Nowadays it has become quite a commonplace situation to call feminism the reason why a lot of marriages around the world either get destroyed or never happen to be. Let us look at this issue closer and try to think whether it is true that feminism is destroying the institution of marriage or not. Is […]

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    What is it like to date an extremely attractive woman?

    It is known that men love with their eyes. Therefore, very often they choose their girlfriend looking at her appearance first. Still, nowadays there are a lot of gorgeous women, who are single. Why is it so? Maybe, that is because dating a very beautiful woman is not an easy task? So, what is it […]

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    Can you still be a couple if your interests don’t match?

    When a man and a woman are at the stage of developing their relationship, they spend a lot of time together and having different interests is out of the question. Each of the partners is eager to learn about not only each other’s features of character, but also pastimes. Moreover, each of the partners is […]

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    10 flirting fails

    My dear reader, you already know some rules of flirting and understand exactly what to do. However, we have not told you about what NOT to do while flirting. Therefore, we offer you to look through the list of top 10 flirt fails to see what you should try to avoid while flirting. If you […]

  • she doesn't love you

    How to Handle Your Girlfriend’s Mood swings

    Have you ever had the feeling that there are three different persons coexist in your girlfriend at the same time. It`s like you are dating a dragon, one body but three heads and each of them says different things. This is like men see women in the time when their mood swings. Women are more […]

  • we-can-do-it

    Breaking gender stereotypes

      Women are still struggling against gender stereotypes in our modern and so open-minded world where already more than two genders exist. Gender stereotype #1 All women want to get married. Poor Ukrainian woman who is in her 25th and still not married. Very often that lady catches  pity glances on her and always the […]