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    Relationship Problems You Just Can’t Fix

    Nobody likes problems. People usually try to avoid them. Very often they are trying to solve the problems when it`s too late to do it. Relationship problems are frustrating especially when you understand that you can`t fix it anymore. Let`s discuss some of relationship problems that almost impossible to solve.      Contempt and disrespect. It`s […]

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    10 Dating Mistakes in the ‘Getting to Know You’ Phase

    People don`t like to be rejected. Why some people are afraid of going on a date and meeting new people? Because there is the chance that you can be rejected and won`t get the opportunity to meet her for the second date. It`s very important to make a good impression in the beginning of relationship […]

  • The unsexiest men looks

    The unsexiest men looks

    The unsexiest men looks You don`t need to be born hot, it is an art, which you can develop. A real man is naturally sexy, attractive and can get anything he wants. Still, every rule has at least one exception. In this article we will share the results of our survey, whose aim was to […]

  • When is it right time to invite her to your place?

    It`s often a dilemma for guy to decide when it`s actually the right time to invite lady to his place. I can say that it depends on what you actually want from the lady. Do you see her as your potential girlfriend in the future or she is just another hot chick for you? In […]

  • How to Deal With a Girl That Doesn’t Love You back

    Unfortunately, love is not always mutual. So what should you do if the girl does not love you back? Frankly speaking, there are only three ways of behavior if she doesn’t love you back. Let us take a look at them together. Let her go.  Of course, you must understand that doing so, you must […]

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    What is the difference between ‘beautiful’ and ‘hot’?

    What is the difference between ‘beautiful’ and ‘hot’? There are certain standards of universe female beauty and being sexy. We are influenced by the world standards of magazines adverts and beauty contests. If I hear the word “hot” I imagine a curvy sexy blonde or brunette with big breasts and seductive looks, when I hear […]

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    What is the best age gap in a relationship

    What is the best age gap in a relationship I always hear that age is just a number. Do you agree with this statement? Does it impact relationship in some way? What is a good age difference in relationships? I found an interesting formula of an unknown inventor how to calculate a perfect age gap […]

  • Is feminism destroying the institution of marriage?

    Is feminism destroying the institution of marriage? Plenty of people think about how feminism is destroying an intimate relationship. They tend to believe it can ruin the traditional family. Actually, it’s true that nowadays feminists defend their distrust of marriage, but out-of-work mothers, living with a succession of boyfriends hasn’t been their intention or their […]

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    What is it like to date an extremely attractive woman?

    What is it like to date an extremely attractive woman? It is known that men love with their eyes. Therefore, very often they choose their girlfriend looking at her appearance first. Still, nowadays there are a lot of gorgeous women, who are single. Why is it so? Maybe, it is because dating a very beautiful […]

  • Can you still be a couple if your interests don’t match?

    When a man and a woman are at the stage of developing their relationship, they spend a lot of time together and having different interests is out of the question. Each of the partners is eager to learn about not only each other’s features of character, but also pastimes. Moreover, each of the partners is […]