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  • the-proposal

    Ten Valentine’s day proposal ideas

    Are you head over hills in love? Have you found your ONE? Are you planning to propose to your girl? If you have answered “Yes” to these questions, our article will be of great help to you as it will tell you how to make your proposal original and the one that will definitely be […]

  • valentine's day

    Secrets of a perfect Valentine’s Day

    Preparing for Valentine’s Day can turn into a complete nightmare for a man, who wants to make a perfect celebration for his beloved. If you are such a man, we will help you to survive and make this day the one, your woman will remember with warmth in her heart for a long time. The […]

  • gift ideas

    Most amazing Valentine’s Day gifts

    Men usually spend at least a week before St. Valentine’s Day in search of the best present for their ladies. Our article will help you spend less time on it and find a good idea of how to please your beloved. We want to start with telling you that there are different girls in the […]

  • ready to settle

    Tips from matchmaker to men who are ready to settle

    How it often happens you wake up in the morning in your 40s (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) with the conviction that you are ready to settle. Usually it comes to people unexpectedly. The main signs that you are ready to settle down are: -You are not so enthusiastic about night out in the clubs anymore. […]

  • attractive to a woman

    How to be more attractive to a woman

    It`s a totally normal desire to look more attractive to an opposite gender. For women there are so many procedures created, clothes and tricks how to improve the appearance and to look more attractive. But what men should do to look more attractive to women. Beauty field for men is not far behind but do […]

  • Happy-Couple

    Things every couple should do together

    One of the main reason to be in a relationship is having a person, a partner to spend the quality time with, share cheerful and not really moments of life and feel loved and useful of course. Good and clear communication is the bedrock of all functional and successful relationships and this can be achieved […]

  • relationships

    5 things a man needs to do in a successful relationships

    What are attributes of successful relationships? I have decided to ask that question to my friends from all over the world to find out the meaning of it. All of them have totally different personalities, background, life style, age group and mindsets.   Let`s see the results: Liam (29 y.o, UK, London). For me successful relationships […]

  • what a girl wants

    How to figure what she is dreaming about?

    We all have dreams, goals and plans what we are going to achieve in this life. When we meet soul mates, sometimes our life plans will change or may lead to break up because of the incompatibility of future plans. That`s why it`s important to know what is she dreaming about, how does she imagine […]

  • without women

    Day Without Women: What if you switch places

    “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” – have you ever heard this saying? This is the best way to describe the difference between men and women. We are like from different planets, we have different sets of minds, we have different physique. At the same time men and women are inseparable like salt […]

  • dating tips

    10 dating tips from professional matchmaker

    If you are still single and looking for your soul mate, love of your life, your second half I assume you will know what matchmaking process is, who professional matchmaker is and what she/he does. For people who don`t know yet, professional matchmaker is a person who arrange the process of matching two people together, […]