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    10 Great Sex Tips for Men

    Are you going on a date, which is about to finish at either your or your girl’s place? Then our hit list of sex tips will be of good help to you. Sex Tips for Men 1. The way to bed has its start at the beginning of your meeting. Therefore, before going on a […]

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    Awkward sex situations and how to deal with them

    Watching a film on TV, we often hold our breath when it comes to a love scene. It always looks so amazing: a strong man and a beautiful woman; the love-making lasts for quite a long time, nothing interrupts it and the partners finish simultaneously tired but happy.  However, real life is different from a […]

  • she want kids

    When she wants kids but you don’t

    This is a very sensitive topic. Before making any decision, you should have an honest conversation with yourself. First of all you have to answer to yourself if you see children in your life or not. It is your life and your choice. You should remember that sometimes our wishes and preferences change with years. […]

  • relationship

    Best romantic movies you should watch together

    Movie is always a good idea for time spending with your sweetheart. Potential couples often choose to go to a cinema for the second or third date. Movies play a big role in love life of people. Movies unite hearts. Movie is a great reason to invite your date to your home. Movies help couples […]

  • her sexual history

    How to deal with your girlfriend’s sexual history?

    Not so long ago I came across the following question from a man: he was head over hills in love with his girlfriend, but one day he found out that she had had about 10 sexual partners before she started going out with him. The man was shocked, he did not know what to do. […]

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    10 Things to Expect First Time Having Sex with a new partner

    It does not matter how sexually experienced you are, sex with a new partner is something that makes you very nervous. Both women and men do not want to spoil the first impression. Do you want to know how to behave with a new sex partner to succeed? We are ready to give you some […]

  • sexual questions

    Top 5 Inappropriate Sexual Questions

    Before asking your girlfriend inappropriate sexual questions think first if you are on that level of relationship when it is appropriate to do. You can easily offense your lady with such kind of questions. Some women will be not able to answer on them ever because of their upbringing or shyness and modesty. There are […]

  • sex and flirt

    Can men and women be just good friends?

    This is one of the most debatable topics ever. I don`t want to prove if men and women can`t be friends or other way round. There are many researches have already done but bipolarity still exists. That`s why I don`t want to do any conclusions. I will just provide you the opinions of some people […]

  • dating tips

    Dating tips for millennials

    As we have already discussed in our previous article “How millennials date today”, the representatives of generation Y long for making the most of their lives. They are independent and want bright emotions; still they are human beings, who also want to be loved. That is why like any other species on this planet they […]

  • kissing psychology

    Best Kissing Tips from expert

    Kissing is a very important part of relationship. If you don`t pass stage of kissing you will not move to another level of your relationship or it will be the end of it at all. Ladies don`t want to have a deal with bad kissers, that’s true. But don`t worry there are several best kissing […]