• dating tips

    Dating tips for millennials

    As we have already discussed in our previous article “How millennials date today”, the representatives of generation Y long for making the most of their lives. They are independent and want bright emotions; still they are human beings, who also want to be loved. That is why like any other species on this planet they […]

  • kissing psychology

    Best Kissing Tips from expert

    Kissing is a very important part of relationship. If you don`t pass stage of kissing you will not move to another level of your relationship or it will be the end of it at all. Ladies don`t want to have a deal with bad kissers, that’s true. But don`t worry there are several best kissing […]

  • female body language

    Female body language signs she likes you

    Most of the time we communicate in non-verbal way with each other. It happens just naturally, sometimes we even don`t notice it, we do it unconsciously. For example, the most common non-verbal movement everyone knows about is when a lady you are talking to crosses her hands and legs, it means she feels uncomfortable to […]

  • sex for the first time

    How to have sex for the first time with your girlfriend?

    Sex for the first time is always exhilarating and exciting. Even if you have had a very diverse sex life before you would never know how it will go with your new girlfriend. Sex for the first time is unpredictable. There are some common tips how to have sex for the first time with your […]

  • shock

    Relationship advice: why she doesn’t want to have sex?

    Sex is one of the most important things in relationship. Sex makes us more connected to each other and helps to create closeness. In a long lasting relationship we might have a period of sex life where things go not so smooth as it used to be. There can be plenty of reasons from both […]

  • sexual life

    Ten things that can switch her off in bed

    We can hardly find a man or a woman, who will imagine a relationship without having sex. However, there are things you must avoid doing if you do not want to make your girl’s sexual desire melt like snow in the sun. Such a situation can happen even during sex and then you will have […]

  • valentines-day

    Amazing date ideas for couples

    Impress your lady, surprise her, spoil her. Ladies love it. Be extraordinary in arranging a date for your beloved woman. There are several amazing date ideas to help you to win the heart of your special one. Date idea #1 Romantic dinner on the roof. The perfect time for this type of date is summer, […]

  • valentines day

    How Ukrainian girls spend Valentine’s Day?

    Everyone is looking forward to 14 February and it is not a secret why. All over the world people celebrate St Valentine’s Day on that date wishing to make this holiday a memorable one for their dear ones. Of course, every country has its own ways to celebrate this or that festival and Ukraine is […]

  • types of kisses

    10 Different Types of Kisses and what they mean

    I think each of us remembers the first kiss, the time when it finally happens to you, that magic moment when you finally kiss a person you really like. Kiss has a power to fall in love person in you and at the same time to push him/her away. That`s why it`s important to own […]

  • Friends.s05e02.Druzya

    To kiss or not to kiss: that is the question

    Life is all about timing. We are always wondering when is the right time to arrange your private life, when is the right time to start a serious relationship, when is the right time to kiss her for the first time? It`s difficult to answer all these questions because it`s so individual for everyone. I […]