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    The 7 Most Important Talks For a Great Sex Life

    The 7 Most Important Talks For a Great Sex Life Do you often have conversations about sex with your intimate partner? Do you argue in your relationship? Is there an ongoing problem, which keeps coming up in the process and makes your more or less healthy sex life unsteady or even worse? To tell the […]

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    11 Sex Tips For People In Long-Distance Relationships 

    11 Sex Tips For People In Long-Distance Relationships 20 years ago talking about sex in long-distance relationships would seem strange and senseless. Waiting for letters from your sweetheart, which could take months to get to you, all you could do is just wait; however nowadays there are a lot of ways to go through the […]

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    10 romantic tips in digital age

    Living in digital age, we cannot help using technologies. Moreover, we use them so widely, that we often forget about people around us. It is easier to connect with someone far away from us and even someone sitting in the same room with us by making a call, sending a message or an e-mail. Still, […]

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    How to keep sex alive in a busy marriage?

    Having spent several years in marriage, you might notice that the amount and quality of sex goes down. However, if you want to keep it alive, try to use our sex tips. We often hear that if you want to have more sex, you must try to be closer to your partner. Plan your mutual […]

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    How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

    Has sex become a routine thing for you? Do you want to know how to improve it and add more spice? How to add some taste and fire to your sex routine The first sex tip we want to give you is to forget about pajamas. What can be better than touching your partner’s skin with […]

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    10 Sex Tips For Couples in Long-Term Relationships

    10 Sex Tips For Couples in Long-Term Relationships You have been with your significant one for quite a while, you do everything together and seem to blend so perfectly that sometimes you think you have known each other forever. And it feels so comfortable that you noticed you better cuddle and sleep than have sex. […]

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    Sex traditions in Ukraine

    Sex traditions in Ukraine Every country in the world has its own culture and traditions, which make it interesting and unique. And it is quite clear, if you want to find a bride overseas, you might wonder what life is like in the place where she lives. So it is not surprising that we are […]

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    10 Great Sex Tips for Men

    Are you going on a date, which is about to finish at either your or your girl’s place? Then our hit list of sex tips will be of good help to you. Sex Tips for Men 1. The way to bed has its start at the beginning of your meeting. Therefore, before going on a […]

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    Awkward sex situations and how to deal with them

    Awkward Sexual Moments and How to Deal With Them When it comes to erotic scenes in movies, we often tend to hold our breath. Why? Well, as a rule, it looks fascinating. The intimacy between a marvelous girl and a large, muscular male occurs when nothing interrupts it. It lasts for quite a long time. […]

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    When she wants kids but you don’t

    This is a very sensitive topic. Before making any decision, you should have an honest conversation with yourself. First of all you have to answer to yourself if you see children in your life or not. It is your life and your choice. You should remember that sometimes our wishes and preferences change with years. […]