• how i met your mother

    How do I meet your mother?

    In one of our previous articles we have told about how to behave when you are going to meet your girlfriend’s parents. However, your possible future mother-in-law is a very strong “player”, whose support you must win. That is why it is important to know how to charm her mother at first sight.   You […]

  • meet her parents

    How to meet her parents?

    One day every man has to face the question of what is the right way to meet his girlfriend’s parents. And if you have serious relationship, you will have to do this in spite of anything. The only challenge is to prepare to meet her parents properly. So, let us look at what it is […]

  • first date

    Eight forbidden questions for the first date

    Going on a first date it is natural to have a wish to make a good impression on a woman. So, if you want to succeed in it, you must prepare and do some work not to look foolish. The first date is a meeting during which people communicate with the main aim – to […]

  • first date

    10 Forbidden topics for the first date

    We have already told you what to talk about at your first date, but we haven’t warned you about the topics that are better not to touch. So this article will help you not to fail your first date with Ukrainian girls by talking about something wrong. Look through our list of forbidden topics for […]

  • ladies

    What type of ladies to avoid?

    Being a professional matchmaker for almost 10 years I could have written a book of funny and romantic stories about dating experience of my clients and who knows maybe one day I will really do it, but today I want to bring up a very interesting topic “What type of ladies to avoid while searching […]

  • ideal date

    What is an ideal date like?

    Not long ago we conducted a survey among our clients. Its aim was to find out what kind of a  date they find an ideal one. Can you guess what most of them have chosen? Believe it or not, but it was a simple dinner. Really? Just a dinner? Not just a dinner… but a […]

  • perfect date

    Good ideas for the second date

    So you are lucky to meet a woman you like and you want to have the second date with her. How to make it perfect? In this article we will try to give you a couple of hints. First of all, choose the right place for the second date. It is very important to choose […]

  • long-distance-relationship

    10 facts about long-distance relationships

    Looking for your better half outside your country, you must understand that one day it may happen so that you and your woman may have to part and spend some time far from each other. Since, if you decide to get married and live together, at least one of you will have to either stay […]

  • distance-relationships

    What is the best way to communicate in long-distance relationship?

    Any relationship is hard work. And if you have to start long-distance relationship, you must understand that you will work much harder. However, there are many couples who have gone through this and are happy now. Having read some of their stories, we have decided to devote this article to the issue of communication in […]

  • relationships status

    How many dates in a relationship make them real?

    To answer this question let us get a sense what relationship between a man and a woman means. To help us do it let us make the following comparison. I am sure that you have a lot of acquaintances and friends among whom you have one best friend. You greet your acquaintances when you see […]