• seduce

    10 steps to seduce a woman

    It`s not the easiest task to seduce women I can say. Women are different and it`s important to find individual approach to each of them. Unfortunately, there is no instruction that will work for every woman. Below you will find general steps that you might be already aware of but still I want to refresh […]

  • presents

    What is the sexiest gift for her?

    With the Christmas season upon us, there is always the question what to present to your lady? Well it`s a quite cold time of the year now and would be great to buy something that will keep you both warm or even hot. Time to buy a sexy present. Use the gifting season as a […]

  • start a family

    What is the best time to start a family?

    This is the question  our clients ask us very often. However, every time we say that it is not easy to answer it. Of course, the best time to start a family is, probably, when you meet your ONE, with whom you are ready to spend your life. Still, it is difficult to deny that […]

  • sexuality

    Bisexual, asexual and so on: what to define as normal?

    Sexuality has been an important, vital part of human existence throughout history. All civilizations have managed sexuality through sexual standards, representations, and behavior. Nowadays a sexual norm can refer to a personal or a social norm. Most cultures have social norms regarding sexuality, and define normal sexuality to consist only of certain sex acts between individuals who meet specific criteria of age, consanguinity, race/ethnicity, or social role. In […]

  • kisses

    Kissing in public… to kiss or not to kiss: that is the question

    I am sure that you have seen two people kissing somewhere in the street. What was the first thing that came to your mind? Did you feel happy for those sweethearts or did you turn away from them thinking how a decent man and a woman could do such a thing in a place where […]

  • kisses

    Kissing tips and techniques

    Though simple a usual kiss may seem, to make it really pleasant one needs some skills and experience. Of course, there are some kissing tips which can help you, however, the most important thing is to listen to your feelings, emotions, follow your heart and, of course, look at your partner’s reaction. In this article […]

  • ukrainian girls

    Do Ukrainian women trust horoscopes?

    Horoscopes have been a part of our life for a long time. A lot of people read them, some for entertainment other trust horoscopes and plan their life according to astrological forecast, waiting for pleasant or unfavorable events. What do Ukrainian women think of astrology and horoscopes? We have conducted a survey among our clients […]

  • smart is sexy

    Sexy and smart. Is it possible to meet this kind of girl?

    Sexy and smart, smart and sexy – are both great qualities for a woman! Where can you find this kind of women? Do they even exist? I want to give an advice for men who are looking for a woman with these qualities: If you want to find a sexy girl – look for a […]

  • family

    When is it time to talk about your family goals?

    “We need to have a serious talk” – it`s one of the most scariest beginning of conversation for people in a relationship, isn`t it? When it`s perfect time to talk with your partner about the future together and share your family goals? Timing is everything when it comes to talking about the future. Unfortunately nobody […]

  • pretty-woman

    Best movie sex scenes

    There are films which we really like watching because we like their plot, the acting, the special effects. There are also films which are not so interesting and we are not very keen on watching them more than once. However, there are films (both interesting and not so much interesting) which we are ready to […]