• kisses

    10 Interesting facts about kisses

    A kiss… what pictures come to your mind when you hear this word? I am sure, you will agree that it is a pleasant thing to do and it is something we cannot imagine our life without. It seems that we know all about a usual kiss; however, we have found some interesting facts about […]

  • lets-talk-about-sex

    How to talk about sex?

    Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever thought of talking about sex with your lady? Why would one need to talk about sex with a woman he knows well? What could you discuss while talking about sex? How to bring out this topic? Having asked our clients what they think of talking […]

  • relationship

    The biggest mistakes men make when starting a new relationship

    When you meet a woman you like, you start thinking of establishing relationship with her. What you usually do is try to make her like you. However, not always your relationship lasts long or even has a chance to develop. Why does it happen? Let us look at the most widespread mistakes men make when […]

  • sex

    12 sex etiquette rules every man should know

    Speaking of such a delicate process like sex, you must remember that it is very important to do everything in the right way. Believe it or not, but there even exists sex etiquette which you have to  follow. To begin with, there are general rules of how to behave yourself in bed. Let us look […]

  • diolli

    How to understand that you have received a good service?

    How to understand that you have received a good service or Mr. Richardson’ 50 shades of complaints We are so happy, that almost all our clients understand the value of a good service and in the end of the matchmaking process they are really glad, that they have started it with us. As you know, […]

  • crazeexgirlfriend

    Ex girlfriends and ex boyfriends: is it place for them in your new relationship?

    We all have the past! By the past I mean ex girlfriends and ex boyfriends. They are a part of our lives and we should say “Thank you” to them. They are the reason of where we are now, whom we are with now and basically who we are in general. A new song of […]

  • sexy women

    How to make your lady feel sexy?

    Do you want to find the answer to this question? Then you must surely know what sexy women look like. As usually, we offer you our help and want to devote this article to describing ten signs, which show that a woman is sexy. How will they help you? The answer is simple: make sure […]

  • Sex-and-marriage

    Truthfully about sex in a marriage

    How often do married couples have sex in a marriage? How diverse is sex in a marriage? I asked these questions to my married friends and you know what? The short answer is – it depends on who you ask. It means that everything is in your hands my dears. Every married couple has their […]

  • sexting

    Top rules of sexting

    It is not big news that nowadays we are using Internet and mobiles as often as possible. We find friends with the help of our gadgets and even try to build relationship online. Therefore it is not unusual that sexting has become a usual thing for many people. Let us look at pros and cons […]

  • sex education

    Let’s talk about sex taboos

    You have probably read our article telling how to define if you are good in bed and know what to do to make a woman think you are a good lover. Still, our bank of advice would not be full if we did not tell you about the things that you must never do in […]