• speed dating facts

    Facts you should know about Speed Dating

    Nowadays speed dating is becoming more and more popular because of the fast pace of life and the lack of time to spend on looking for our better half. Let us have a look at this new form of establishing relationship between a man and a woman. Fact #1. Who needs it? The aims of […]

  • overcome jealousy

    Jealousy is a real KILLER!

    Jealousy in relationship can make it difficult for both partners. It makes us go mad and mutual understanding disappears making the couple to break up. Having doubts about your better half’s loyalty, feeling anger, offense or pity for yourself, signals that jealousy has probably appeared in your relationship. And if you really think your relationship […]

  • dating with different religions

    Dating outside your religion

    With the development of technologies and means of transport, which let us  move around and communicate faster, people have discovered new opportunities to find their love partners. About twenty years ago people still used to find their beloved  mostly in their surroundings, but now they can travel all around the world and meet their true […]

  • reveal your relationship status

    How to reveal your relationship status?

    If you are a client of an international matchmaking agency, you are definitely looking for your future wife outside your country. A day comes and you meet HER. You have some wonderful dates, you seem to like each other, spend a weekend in the countryside, even have sex, but… you ARE from different countries. The […]

  • nice date with a lovely girl

    How to save a bad date with a lovely girl?

    A date is an inseparable part of making a new acquaintance with the girl you liked.  It is a meeting during which you both can communicate and decide if this first date is good or bad and whether you want to continue communicating with each other. you will definitely prepare for this day and come […]

  • first date checklists

    Dating checklist

    Summer is the best time for dates. It is quite easy to find the girl you like and ask her to date with you. However, remember that if you are not prepared for the meeting you are bound to fail. We have already given you a lot of tips on how to behave during the […]

  • field for the two

    Top summer date ideas

    It is July already, meaning that the hottest season is in its height. You have already had thousands of dates in cafes, cinemas and other places and now want to have a nice day out with your better half. We are ready to help you and give our list of top summer date ideas to […]

  • what she really means

    The Secrets of Women’s language

    What she says vs. what she really means? I hope you will agree that it is impossible to imagine our life without the opposite sex. Still, communication with women can sometimes be very… confusing. What do I mean? Remember the situation when SHE says something, you respond to it, but it turns out that you […]

  • dating long

    How to save the “sparkle” when dating long?

    When two loving people start any kind of relationship (married life, civil marriage or just dating), they do not even think that one day their feelings can fade. They believe that passion will be always with them. However long-term relationship tends to transform into a more kinship relationship, which is, of course, very good, however […]

  • chemistry can happen

    How to make chemistry happen?

    Are you tired of boring unemotional relationship? Do you think you need to create chemistry to make it brighter? Are your friends saying she is not a match for you? Is chemistry possible to exist only between people who are perfect matches for each other? Is it possible to find a perfect match and have […]