• Online-Dating-Scams

    Matchmaking Service in Ukraine. How not be scammed?

    Every person hopes to find a life partner. Some people find their match in real life, others look for their love at online dating sites or in matchmaking agencies. Interestingly, at least every fourth relationship starts with an online contact these days. However, even some most innocent internet relationship may conceal danger. Nowadays both individual […]

  • Diolli matchmaking

    Why is Diolli a trustworthy agency?

    Have you decided to use matchmaking service in Ukraine? Then you will probably have to go through numerous offers from different matchmaking agencies. Which one to choose? Definitely Do you want to know why? Then read our article and find out why Diolli is a trustworthy matchmaking agency for you The first thing to […]

  • matchmaking in Ukraine

    Why are Ukrainian women switching to international matchmaking to find their potential spouse?

    In recent years more and more Ukrainian girls are switching to international dating in search of their ONE. Why is it so? Why are they ready to literally leave everything behind and move to another country with different mentality? Men, aimed at dating a Ukrainian woman often ask us these questions. To tell you the […]

  • matchmaker in Ukraine

    The important questions you must ask a matchmaker before signing up

    If you are thinking of addressing a matchmaking agency to help you find your love, you must definitely think of what questions to ask a matchmaker before you decide to sign up. So, what exactly should you ask? Read our article to find out. The important questions you must ask a matchmaker The first question […]

  • matchmaking

    How To Choose The Best Matchmaker

    So, you are tired of looking for your destiny? Or, you have no time for this? Then, you are highly recommended to address someone, who can help you with this. Who will it be? Cupid, maybe? I would say “yes”. “But how is it possible?” you may think. And I will tell you, that on […]

  • Dating tour by

    10 reasons to choose Dating tour by in 2019

    As our readers and subscribers already know, has announced Premium Singles Events for “young adults”. I think that many people will compare such format with a simple dating tour to Ukraine that was created many years ago and still used by many agencies and dating sites. Let’s name 10 features that differ Premium Singles […]

  • matchmaker

    What to do if you do not agree with your personal matchmaker?

    During many first interviews with our potential male matchmaking clients I hear this question: “But what should I do if I do not like the match the personal matchmaker suggests me?”. In this article I will concentrate on the matchmaking process by, because matchmaking process at another boutique matchmaking service in New York for […]

  • matchmaking agency

    Choosing a Matchmaking agency. What to pay attention to?

    Choosing a matchmaking agency is a very sensitive issue. Therefore, you must know what to pay attention to if you want your search to be effective. In our article we will help you to figure out how to find a trusted matchmaking agency. The first thing you should know is that there are online dating […]

  • matchmaking

    Learning matchmaking vocabulary

    Good time of day, my dear reader. If you are looking through this article, you are probably the one, who has decided to immerse in the world of matchmaking in search of your destiny. Therefore, being a newcomer here, you might need some help with some “matchmaking” terms, which you are likely to come across. […]

  • The history of matchmaking in Ukraine

    The history of matchmaking in Ukraine

    Matchmaking service is gaining popularity in Ukraine without any doubt. More and more agencies are trying to move from online dating service to offline one. Of course, such big and important changes in the system need some time and efforts. But how has this phenomenon appeared and who can be named as a founder of […]