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    Choosing a Matchmaking agency. What to pay attention to?

    Choosing a matchmaking agency is a very sensitive issue. Therefore, you must know what to pay attention to if you want your search to be effective. In our article we will help you to figure out how to find a trusted matchmaking agency. The first thing you should know is that there are online dating […]

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    Learning matchmaking vocabulary

    Good time of day, my dear reader. If you are looking through this article, you are probably the one, who has decided to immerse in the world of matchmaking in search of your destiny. Therefore, being a newcomer here, you might need some help with some “matchmaking” terms, which you are likely to come across. […]

  • The history of matchmaking in Ukraine

    The history of matchmaking in Ukraine

    Matchmaking service is gaining popularity in Ukraine without any doubt. More and more agencies are trying to move from online dating service to offline one. Of course, such big and important changes in the system need some time and efforts. But how has this phenomenon appeared and who can be named as a founder of […]

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    How does dating service in Ukraine work?

    Dating service in Ukraine is a very popular business direction. However, at the same time it is quite complicated, because there aren’t any definite rules and standards, so everyone works as he feels fit or perhaps profitable. That is one of the reason why dating industry has many myths and stereotypes, which cause a dark […]

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    International romance tours to Ukraine

    International romance tour to Ukraine is a great opportunity not only to find your special Ukrainian lady but also to spend a remarkable time in this wonderful country. Such tours become more and more popular day by day and many foreign gentlemen choose this kind of dating to meet their best half. Therefore, boutique […]

  • matchmaking agency in Ukraine

    Dating tours to Ukraine with is glad to announce premium events for singles “Young Adults”. Dating tour to Ukraine with is created for the gentlemen under 37 years old and the ladies under 35 years old. The tour includes seven unforgettable days: It is the first age appropriate international events for singles. truly believes it is highly […]

  • History of matchmaking

    The history of matchmaking

    In Ukraine the term “matchmaking service” has appeared not so long ago but its popularity is growing day by day. Many people are sure that it is rather new kind of dating which has become in trend recently and don’t know that in fact it has ancient roots. According to Wikipedia matchmaking is the process […]

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    Matchmaking process by

    Today I would like to answer one of the most popular questions: what is the matchmaking process by really like? First of all I want to highlight that is a premium offline boutique matchmaking service. We don’t do online because we find it less efficient than traditional matchmaking service. We do not have […]

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    Prepare to your trip to Ukraine: matchmaking advice

    You’ve made a responsible decision of your life to find a beautiful Ukrainian match, so how to be ready for so important trip to avoid unnecessarily problems and what you should take with you? There are matchmaking advice for you how to be fully prepared for the trip to Ukraine and what to take with […]

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    How to choose a matchmaking agency in Ukraine

    The world of technologies is very dynamic nowadays and it is not a secret that using the internet we can communicate with people from any part of the world without having to spend days to get to another country and see the person. That is why it is not surprising that people, who are in […]