• singles tour

    Premium events for singles from Diolli. Must-have in 2018

    I`m glad to announce that the best matchmaking agency in Ukraine wants to offer the premium events to the single men from all over the world who dream to meet their Ukrainian soul mate. Singles tour to Ukraine will bring new emotions to your life and lots of opportunities to meet the love of […]

  • matchmaking service

    8 reasons to choose matchmaking service in Ukraine

    Nowadays more and more people become clients of matchmaking agencies. According to some statistics, a lot of foreigners choose matchmaking agencies in Ukraine. What are the main reasons that make them choose matchmaking agency in Ukraine over any other agency in their countries, for example? There are some reasons I heard directly from the clients […]

  • IMBRA form. Safe effecient dating

    What is IMBRA In recent years a great number of people rely on an international marriage brokerage or matchmaking agency and register on dating sites. It goes without saying they are looking for men or women to love and be loved. Obviously, they aim to build an intimate relationship. They might be really open minded […]

  • matchmaker

    Can a matchmaker make you fall in love?

    For many years people have believed that love can find them when time comes. And they are absolutely right, but… the question is whether there is any way to make this time come sooner? Is there anyone or anything that can help you obtain this feeling? Some people believe that apart from cute chubby Cupid […]

  • dating

    Dating insight of a professional matchmaker. Why is it important?

    You are a handsome man. You have a wonderful inner world, but… you are lonely. You have had several relationships, which ended with nothing but a friendly kiss on the cheek and the girl saying, “You are a nice guy, but let’s be friends.” Or you suddenly learnt that your woman had started seeing another […]

  • How millennials date today

    How millennials date today: new trends to watch out People like to simplify things because they become anxious about the complexity of the world. It seems easy and convenient to evaluate any phenomenon in three ways: “it’s black,” “it’s white” and “I don’t care.” Therefore, when the popular theory of generations took shape, everyone grasped […]

  • matchmaking issues

    The main issues of the matchmaking process

    I am a professional matchmaker for almost 10 years now and it is truly a passion and career for me and definitely not just an exotic hobby. To be really good in every profession you have to be really skilled and experienced in what you are doing. Of course you have to constantly work on […]

  • how to choose

    Matchmaking service in Ukraine: how to make out? 

    Nowadays, finding a better half abroad has become a commonplace phenomenon. There are several ways to do it, one of which is to go to another country and find someone in a café, club, or in the street. Love can be waiting for you anywhere. However, another popular way of finding a better half, which […]

  • ocean13

    Matchmaking advice for single men in their 30s

    Single men in their 30s who are they? Usually men in their 30s are completely formed individuals with defined goals and views on life. Better part of them are ready for serious relationship and building the family, taking commitments. Men in their 30s start to change their priorities and usually get tired of spending nights […]

  • ready to settle

    Tips from matchmaker to men who are ready to settle

    How it often happens you wake up in the morning in your 40s (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) with the conviction that you are ready to settle. Usually it comes to people unexpectedly. The main signs that you are ready to settle down are: -You are not so enthusiastic about night out in the clubs anymore. […]