• barni stinson

    Tips from matchmaker to men who are done with tinder

    Single men who are looking for love might know Tinder or even tried it before. We have diversity of dating sites nowadays what offer various of services and different kind of help in this not an easy task to find the love of your life. I work at a matchmaking agency and have seen many […]

  • good matchmaker

    How to be a good matchmaker?

    Matchmaker is a new prestigious profession nowadays. In the movies matchmakers` characters are shown as extremely beautiful ladies in the perfect fitted outfits and the expensive shoes what are an essential attribute of the image. They work in the very modern and fashionable offices, which are located in the city centers usually. They drink coffee […]

  • relationships

    5 things a man needs to do in a successful relationships

    What are attributes of successful relationships? I have decided to ask that question to my friends from all over the world to find out the meaning of it. All of them have totally different personalities, background, life style, age group and mindsets.   Let`s see the results: Liam (29 y.o, UK, London). For me successful relationships […]

  • dating tips

    10 dating tips from professional matchmaker

    If you are still single and looking for your soul mate, love of your life, your second half I assume you will know what matchmaking process is, who professional matchmaker is and what she/he does. For people who don`t know yet, professional matchmaker is a person who arrange the process of matching two people together, […]

  • kharkov girls

    10 peculiarities of Kharkov girls

    Communicating with many people from around the world, I have heard that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful. That is probably one of the main reasons why foreign men try to find their future wives here, in Ukraine. However, not everyone knows that among Ukrainians, Kharkov is thought to be a separate country. At least, […]

  • diolli

    Why do Kharkov girls choose

    If I were to answer this question, I would definitely say that Kharkov girls choose because they appreciate quality. However, being a representative of this matchmaking company, I could be considered to adding colours to the reality. Therefore, to answer this question we have asked our clients, Kharkov girls, to tell us why they […]

  • hot moms

    10 rules how to impress a hot mama

    Hot mamas are modern kind of fabulous women who are wonderful mothers and beautiful and extremely good-looking ladies at the same time. Usually they are independent, confident and successful. They don`t hesitate to breastfeed the child on public, hot mamas are getting back in shape so quickly after giving a birth. They can find time […]

  • interractial couple

    Interracial couples: to marry or not to marry? That is the question.

    How many times have you thought about finding your true love? Have you ever imagined HER? What does she look like? I am almost sure that almost anyone who has just read my questions thought of a beautiful woman, still with a slight difference… The «SHE» had a different nationality or skin color for each […]

  • she isn't ready

    10 signs she isn’t ready to have a serious relationship

      Usually we can watch in the movies, soap operas or read in the novels that it`s a man who is not ready for a serious relationship. I want to stand up for men and take their side in this article. There we will discuss the opposite situation where the woman is the one who […]

  • moving abroad

    Moving abroad: What is she afraid of?

    You and your international girlfriend already have had that lovely period of the relationship where two of you were crazy about each other and couldn’t even spend a day without sending that kind of messages as “good morning sweety” or “XOXO”. You already spent few vacations together where both of you realized  one more time […]