• start a family

    What is the best time to start a family?

    This is the question  our clients ask us very often. However, every time we say that it is not easy to answer it. Of course, the best time to start a family is, probably, when you meet your ONE, with whom you are ready to spend your life. Still, it is difficult to deny that […]

  • marriage

    Dating agency vs Marriage agency: Should you trust?

    Nowadays is time of new technologies, long working days, computer games, headphones and spending most of the time online than in real life. We no longer notice people we are surrounded of, we stop to pay attention to people`s smiles. And the main thing is we stop to meet people. Because of all these reasons […]

  • marriage agency

    What to expect when you’re a client of international marriage agency?

    More and more men trust their private lives to international marriage agencies. In this busy world it is getting much difficult to find time for searching for the second half. And we are so spoiled and lucky at the same time with the opportunity to choose a partner for life from all over the world. […]

  • differences

    Difference between marriage agency and matchmaking agency

    Nowadays more and more people seek help to marriage and matchmaking agencies to arrange their private lives. The reasons are: busy work schedule and spending more time in online world then in real life. How wonderful that you can get assistance almost in everything these days. You can hire a person who will clean your […]

  • matchmaker cupid

    Matchmaker. Who? Why? Where?

    All of us are dreaming to find Love and live happily ever after. Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to meet the right person to build a strong, happy, full of love relationship with. Singles who due to their busy, professional lives and status don’t want to spend their time scrolling through online dating sites. […]

  • actions to express love

    10 ways to express love without words

    People often say, “I love you” without even making these words have real sense. Because of being busy at work, being tired, having rest we sometimes find it very difficult to express love without saying a word and make our beloved feel it is true. Very often it is not enough to say something, you […]

  • birds of a feather flock

    Birds of a feather flock together

    Every now and then I run into an article online that claims – opposites attract. There are so many books and movies where bad boys fall in love with good girls or lonely handsome rich guys find their happiness with poor small town girls. I love “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts. This is a great […]

  • chemistry can happen

    How to make chemistry happen?

    Are you tired of boring unemotional relationship? Do you think you need to create chemistry to make it brighter? Are your friends saying she is not a match for you? Is chemistry possible to exist only between people who are perfect matches for each other? Is it possible to find a perfect match and have […]

  • happy couple does

    What happy couples don’t do?

    Keeping healthy, strong and happy relationship is not easy at all. That is because the most difficult thing is to first of all define whether you really have strong and happy relationship or not. To help you do that, we have made up a list of things that happy couples don’t do. Look through it […]

  • relationship goal

    10 successful dating strategies

    I hope you will agree with me saying that a date is one of the most important parts of every relationship. People believe that it is a meeting meaning that a man and a woman want to continue communication. However, the most difficult thing here is to start the relationship. Which is why all of […]