• seduce on a third date

    Three dates model. Third date

    Part 4. The third date. If you have managed to get that far, you must definitely go on with what you are doing. That is why, if you do have an intention to seduce a woman, the third date is the final straight to your main goal achievment. Your main task at the third date […]

  • seduction tips

    Three dates model. Second date

    Part 3. The second date. Before giving you any advice about the second date, I want to make you understand that if a girl has agreed to meet with you after the first date, she has got interested in you. That is why your main goal is not to prove yourself to be SOMETHING, but […]

  • how to flirt and seduce

    Three dates model. First date

    Part 2. The first date. In the previous chapter of the article you have learned about the “three dates” model of seducing a woman and already know that it is very important to go through all the stages to reach your goal. However the order and the length of each stage can be different. Therefore, […]

  • how to seduce a girl

    How to seduce a woman?

    Part 1. A “three dates” model How to seduce a woman? Have you ever asked yourself this question? If you have, the article you are about to read will not only give you the answer to this question, but will also tell you how to seduce a woman  in three dates only. Many books say […]

  • choose a matchmaker

    Finding love by finding a matchmaker

    Good time of day to you, my dear reader. I have decided to devote this article to the topic closely connected with the reason you are with us – you really want to find your true love. You may either agree or disagree with me saying that it is impossible to do something without any […]

  • does appearance really matter

    Does appearance matter?

    Very often one may hear that a man’s appearance is not very important for a woman, because she is mostly attracted by his wit, strength, the size of his wallet, while a man can be a bit more handsome than a monkey (as Ukrainian saying goes). However, not everyone agrees with this and a man’s […]

  • live here and now

    The importance of timing in international dating

    So often I hear from the gentlemen that they are not sure if “now is the time” to search for the right girl and start relationship. It reminds me of two ladies I have met almost 10 years ago.  I have just started my dating agency and a friend of mine has told her single […]

  • ladies

    What type of ladies to avoid?

    Being a professional matchmaker for almost 10 years I could have written a book of funny and romantic stories about dating experience of my clients and who knows maybe one day I will really do it, but today I want to bring up a very interesting topic “What type of ladies to avoid while searching […]

  • ukrainian women

    Why do Ukrainian women go to matchmaking agencies?

    One can say that every Ukrainian woman longs for creating a family and looks for her better half. Today it can easily be done with the help of the Internet dating sites, social networks, or going to matchmaking agencies. There are many reasons which can make Ukrainian women look for a husband abroad: despair, distrust […]

  • facepalm

    Love hurts or the revelations of the “negative” matchmaker

    Being a professional matchmaker for almost 10 years I have got a chance to meet so many interesting people. Some of them were my clients, some of them the readers of our blog. Each client of mine has taught me something new and made matchmaking service even more efficient. Every year I always have […]