• sexy witch

    Burn the sexy witch

    In Russian language there is a famous joke and I hope the meaning won’t get lost in translation. Burn the witch! But she is so sexy and hot?! Well, ok. But after that – burn the witch. No so long ago I have found a blog in the Internet where the blogger from the USA […]

  • sex sells

    Sex sells or investments into mutual love

    Last month we had several truly different male clients in Kharkov. They had different personalities, different life styles, looks and vision about future relationship. One thing they had in common of course – they were strongly attracted to the beauty and family values of Ukrainian ladies. One of our clients was a tall handsome gentleman […]

  • im-sexy-and-i-know-it

    I am sexy and I know it

    Not so long ago several really challenging male clients of mine again have claimed that “all the ladies want me”, “all the sexy mamas are choosing me”, “I know I am very hot” and my personal favourites “I could easily work as a male model” and “I know all the ladies think about sex when […]

  • love a woman

    Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

    Do you remember the famous Bryan Adams’ song? I will remind you of the lyrics: «To really love a woman To understand her you gotta know her deep inside Hear every thought see every dream N’ give her wings when she wants to fly Then when you find yourself lyin’ helpless in her arms Ya […]

  • younger-women

    How to date a beautiful Ukrainian girl who is 15-20 years younger than you?

    Last week I have spent several hours on Facebook spying at my ex-clients. There was nothing criminal in my activities. To be honest I wanted to find out when were the birthdays of my ex clients. I am not very good with the dates but I remembered that the ladies have their birthdays at the […]

  • matchmaking

    Choose matchmaking

    4 reasons to choose matchmaking Today I want to talk with you about strong suits of matchmaking which I hope can make you to take an interest in it. So… The First. Honesty. Honesty is not only an attribute of decency and good reputation. It is often the quality that distinguishes the matchmaking from other […]

  • Get intimate

    When is the right time to get intimate with the Ukrainian girl?

    Not so long ago I have found a funny article in the Internet.  The author – American gentleman – whose age I don’t know because I couldn’t find his picture or any information about him – has recommended other western gentlemen that travel to Ukraine to obligatorily get intimate with a Ukrainian girl only after […]

  • models

    How to date a model

    Yesterday after the long working day in the office I have decided to shop online. I went to several web-sites and ended up at Victoria Secret because I love buying yoga clothes there. After looking at several tall beautiful ladies wearing the yoga pants that I wanted I have googled several International Dating sites. Here […]

  • matchmaking agency

    Ask your matchmaker – How to understand that she is the one?

    This article is devoted to the question that clients often ask our matchmaking agency experts: how will I understand that I have found my one?  That is why if you have any doubts whether your girlfriend could be your wife, or just want to know how not to miss your destiny, this piece of writing […]

  • meeting on Facebook

    Meeting on Facebook – is it possible to meet someone online?

    Today I want to talk with you about one of the most popular questions among our male clients. Why do I need the help of a matchmaker if I can meet my future girlfriend on Facebook? We will give you some reasons that will convince you. First. We can say exactly that no one really […]