On-line Dating

  • spot a scammer

    How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer?

    How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer? Internet is a good place for scammers. Every day people, who are not attentive enough, get fooled by those, who seek to find losers ready to give money for their possible true love. If you do not want to become one of those “poor victims” you will definitely […]

  • pretty little liars

    The Ultimate guide to Ukrainian women on free dating sites

    We have already told you why using free dating sites is not a good idea because you can meet Ukrainian women of different kinds, some of which may surprise you in a bad way. We have even created an ultimate guide to Ukrainian women using free dating sites to show you who you will meet […]

  • mr-bean-manipulates

    Gallery of single Ukrainian women: Why you should avoid it?

    Have you ever heard about the gallery of single Ukrainian women? I am sure, you have. Even if you think you do not know what it is, you have come across it while surfing the Internet. So, the gallery of women is actually a gallery of pictures on free dating sites. Men, who are trying […]

  • The-Rules-of-Facebook-for-Dating-Relationships

    Meet single Ukrainian ladies on Facebook

    We have already discussed the questions about meeting your ONE online with the help of different sites and applications and came to a conclusion that trying to find yourself a life partner in such a way can be quite risky. Still, if you are brave enough we can share some good advice on how to […]

  • tinder

    Guide to dating Ukrainian women through Tinder

    We have already told you about several online dating services that work in Ukraine. However, we have left one of the most popular applications which Ukrainian girls use behind. Have you guessed what we are going to talk about? Right, my friend, we will talk about Tinder. Tinder is one of the services that can […]

  • marriage

    Dating agency vs Marriage agency: Should you trust?

    Nowadays is time of new technologies, long working days, computer games, headphones and spending most of the time online than in real life. We no longer notice people we are surrounded of, we stop to pay attention to people`s smiles. And the main thing is we stop to meet people. Because of all these reasons […]

  • marriage agency

    What to expect when you’re a client of international marriage agency?

    What to expect when you’re a client of international marriage agency? It is becoming a tendency in the 21st century when people trust their private lives to international dating sites. And we are so spoiled and lucky at the same time with the opportunity to choose a partner from all over the world. We are […]

  • differences

    Difference between marriage agency and matchmaking agency

    Nowadays more and more people seek help to marriage and matchmaking agencies to arrange their private lives. The reasons are: busy work schedule and spending more time in online world then in real life. How wonderful that you can get assistance almost in everything these days. You can hire a person who will clean your […]

  • sex in internet

    Sex in Internet: Why you shouldn’t trust low-quality dating sites?

    So many people are clients of dating sites or marriage agencies nowadays. All of them dream to find a real love and live happily ever after. They want to believe in a fairy tale, what actually happens, but not unfortunately for everyone. Thousand and thousand people spend their evenings online searching for a soul mate […]

  • free dating site

    Downsides of free dating sites

    It is not big news that dating online is a popular trend nowadays. A lot of men and women spend much time looking for their destiny on the Internet and free dating sites are eager to help them. Indeed, why not use such an opportunity? You do not need to pay a penny, you do […]