• Meet the Parents

    10 tips on how to behave when she introduces you to her parents

    So, you are lucky to find a Ukrainian girlfriend, you have already had a couple of dates with her, you have serious intentions and think that you are ready to marry her. There is one more test you have to pass – being introduced to your future wife’s parents. I am sure that it is […]

  • marriage agency

    Marriage Agency in Ukraine for Happy Married Life

    It is important for every person to be loved and to love someone with heart and soul – more when we are looking for our life partner. You cannot afford to take risks when you are planning to marry. You need the right person, who shares your interests, goals and who turns out to be […]

  • ukrainian girls

    What kind of Ukrainian girls address matchmaking agencies and why?

    Hello my dear readers. Today’s article is devoted to those of you who decided to look for your destiny outside your country and find yourself a wife abroad. I am sure that many of you, especially the ones who are using the help of a matchmaking agency, have noticed that you can meet lots of […]

  • happy marriage

    Happy marriage with a Ukrainian woman: how to overcome language barrier.

    Having addressed a matchmaking agency in hope to find a Ukrainian wife and have a happy marriage with her, you might have thought about one important issue: how to communicate with a woman of another nationality. However, if you look around, you will surely notice a lot of couples of different nationalities, ethnic groups and […]

  • Age difference

    Dating with an age difference and out of your league

    Truth and myths about age difference while dating a Ukrainian lady One evening I was spending time with my friends at the newly opened fancy bar at the 5 star hotel in Kharkov, Ukraine. The group of people has caught my attention. There was a gentleman in his late 60 there. His clothes and looks […]

  • happy relationship

    A romantic dinner: how to make it the one to remember?

    Not so long ago we conducted a survey among ladies from Ukraine using the services of our matchmaking agency. The idea was to find out what the most romantic dinner they had ever had was like. Many ladies from Ukraine said the first thing that came to their minds was food they had during the […]

  • matchmaking services

    Surprising Benefits of Paying For Matchmaking Services

    Matchmaking services are quite common these days with many people signing up for the services, in search of life partners. As per a recent survey, more than 60 million people are using matchmaking and dating services, in search of genuine relationships. There are plenty of benefits of paying for professional matchmaking services, which you might […]

  • The first date

    What is the ideal length of the first date?

    So many men, so many minds is the best answer to this question. There is a common expression: happiness makes time pass and if you really enjoy communicating with your date, you will not notice  that it is already time to say good-bye. Still, the question about the ideal length of a date exists, and […]

  • ukrainian food

    10 traditional dishes ladies from Ukraine can treat you

    So, you have been lucky to find a couple of Ukrainian girls you would like to meet in person and you are ready to spend some unforgettable moments in Ukraine. Then prepare to be offered to taste traditional Ukrainian dishes. In order not to goof, look through this short list to know what is what. […]

  • Presents for woman

    Appropriate presents for Ukrainian woman – How not to spoil the impression?

    If you have decided to marry a Ukrainian woman, you will surely want to make something pleasant for her. This could be a decision to give her a present, which will show how much you appreciate her. However, you can give her something that will spoil her attitude to you. To help you not to […]