• first date disaster

    10 mistakes that can make your first date a disaster

    Good time of day to you, my dear readers. This article can be a good help for those who are going to meet Ukrainian girls soon. Even if you have had thousands of dates, I offer you to look through this guide of the most widespread mistakes that can spoil your first date and leave […]

  • interracial dating

    Peculiarities of interracial dating

    We have decided to devote one of our articles to interracial dating. Being an international matchmaking agency we think it is important to highlight this issue since we have clients from different countries and we are directly connected with the situation when people from different parts of the world want to establish an “international/interracial relationship”. […]

  • find a girlfriend

    How to find a girlfriend?

    Find a girlfriend at Hello my dear readers! If you are reading this article, I can be sure that some of you have tried to get acquainted with a girl in hope to find a girlfriend but have been fluffed off. I want to tell you that it is not the reason to give […]

  • matchmaking agency

    Ask your matchmaker – How to understand that she is the one?

    This article is devoted to the question that clients often ask our matchmaking agency experts: how will I understand that I have found my one?  That is why if you have any doubts whether your girlfriend could be your wife, or just want to know how not to miss your destiny, this piece of writing […]

  • meeting on Facebook

    Meeting on Facebook – is it possible to meet someone online?

    Today I want to talk with you about one of the most popular questions among our male clients. Why do I need the help of a matchmaker if I can meet my future girlfriend on Facebook? We will give you some reasons that will convince you. First. We can say exactly that no one really […]

  • happy marriage

    Happy marriage between two people, who are absolutely different

    Extremes meet!? Have you ever heard this expression considering people who are in love with each other? Do you really believe that a happy marriage or relationship is possible between two people, who are absolutely different, like white and black? If you have not decided yet, or if you have already decided for yourself whether […]

  • marriage

    What should you say when you meet Ukrainian girls?

    The topic of this article can be of big interest to foreign men who have arranged the dates with the Ukrainian girls they have chosen in a matchmaking agency. What should you say and what is better not to say when you meet Ukrainian girls? To begin with, I want you to remember the three […]

  • compliments

    How to make compliments to ladies from Ukraine. Part 2

    From the first part of the article, you have learnt some theory about making compliments to ladies from Ukraine. So, you are ready to face practical advice. There are two types of compliments: direct and indirect. Direct compliments praise a girl or one of her qualities openly. They are good at the beginning stage of […]

  • compliment a girl

    How to make compliments to ladies from Ukraine?

      Do you want to make your date perfect and your Ukrainian beauty like you? If so, this article will help you learn how to make compliments to ladies from Ukraine. It is well known that men love with their eyes, whereas women love with their ears. Not only ladies from Ukraine, but also women […]

  • fille sur un site de rencontres

    How not to be fooled and scammed while dating online?

    There are many stories about scam on-line nowadays. Some of them are scaring, other are funny and sad at the same time. At one of the IDate professional dating conferences I was lucky enough to meet and develop friendship with a truly fantastic organization called This organization is unique because they help victims of […]