• ideal lover

    How to become an ideal lover?

    Part 1. Spiritual. A lot of men think that the size of their manhood and endurance during sex are the qualities that an ideal lover must have. However, women refute this stereotype. They say that an ideal lover is the one who makes them shiver with desire by his look only. The ideal lover’s actions […]

  • virginity

    Virginity lost – who is the first

    Hello everyone. Although it is September and the weather is not so warm outside, I hope that my article will make you hot. Having decided to make this September the sexiest month of 2016, I present you the first article devoted to this issue. The question under discussion is the following: how do girls lose […]

  • sex sells

    Sex sells or investments into mutual love

    Last month we had several truly different male clients in Kharkov. They had different personalities, different life styles, looks and vision about future relationship. One thing they had in common of course – they were strongly attracted to the beauty and family values of Ukrainian ladies. One of our clients was a tall handsome gentleman […]

  • sexy date

    What is sexy for a Ukrainian lady?

    Single ladies, married ladies, ladies in their 20th and in their 50th and even 15 years old girls – everyone dreams about romance. From the kindergarten little girls know that a prince has to come and rescue a beautiful princess from the evil dragon. He will kiss the princess and the birds will start singing […]

  • types of men

    Types of men women are seeking for

    What do women want? What kind of a man they are hoping to find? A handsome one or successful? This article will tell you about several types of men women are seeking for. To tell you the truth, each type has one feature which differs from the rest and this is exactly what some women […]

  • flirt online

    How to flirt and discuss sexual topics online with a lady from Ukraine

    When a gentleman from another country decides to search for a lady from Ukraine he should keep in mind that whether he will use professional matchmaking service, international dating site, speed dating event service or dating agency there will be a moment when he and the lady from Ukraine will have to start a correspondence or […]

  • kharkiv beautiful

    Kharkiv in brief

    If you are lucky to visit Kharkiv, you must know that it is not a tourist city, however thousands of people from around the world come to it annually. Why do they do it? That is because Kharkiv is a very interesting and  unique city where historical sites stand along with modern ones, and where […]

  • flirt

    Flirting tips for men

    The language of flirt is the most widespread means of communication between men and women. It can help you make a good impression and be in the limelight wherever you are. If you want to be noticed and find the way to love, friendship and sex with the most interesting women, you must “speak” the […]

  • im-sexy-and-i-know-it

    I am sexy and I know it

    Not so long ago several really challenging male clients of mine again have claimed that “all the ladies want me”, “all the sexy mamas are choosing me”, “I know I am very hot” and my personal favourites “I could easily work as a male model” and “I know all the ladies think about sex when […]

  • love a woman

    Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?

    Do you remember the famous Bryan Adams’ song? I will remind you of the lyrics: «To really love a woman To understand her you gotta know her deep inside Hear every thought see every dream N’ give her wings when she wants to fly Then when you find yourself lyin’ helpless in her arms Ya […]