Safe Efficient Dating in Eastern Europe

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    Should I suspect women with no job of possible scamming?

    Have you ever heard a proverb «clothes make a man»? Do you believe that it is possible to judge a person only by their appearance or some general information like having a job or not, being married, divorced or single? If it is so, let us try to make out if a person, who has […]

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    Matchmaking Service in Ukraine. How not be scammed?

    Every person hopes to find a life partner. Some people find their match in real life, others look for their love at online dating sites or in matchmaking agencies. Interestingly, at least every fourth relationship starts with an online contact these days. However, even some most innocent internet relationship may conceal danger. Nowadays both individual […]

  • scam alert

    How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer?

    You may have already heard that Internet is full of frauds. People who are ready to pay for the opportunity to find their true love are easy pray for dating scammers. If you don’t want to join these trustful romantics, you’ll find our tips on how to recognize a dating scammer on dating sites useful. […]

  • Ukrainian woman

    Dating service in Ukraine: market review

    The fact that a high number of foreign man dreams about Ukrainian wife is inescapable. There is a plenty of reasons for it – Ukrainian ladies are very feminine despite of feminism growth in almost all developed countries, they are beautiful, take care about their appearance and they are excellent housewives with the traditional family […]

  • money on my mind

    How to define that Slavic girl has materialistic intentions?

    When you are in international relationship, you should know and understand traditions and customs of your partner`s culture. In other way, there is a big chance to interpret her words and actions in a wrong way. Foreigners often blaim Slavic girls in materialistic intentions. If we look at the situation deeper we will see that […]

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    Dating Ukrainian girls: avoid scams

    Nowadays, every second person is a user of a dating site. People all over the world try to find a soulmate this way. It’s not a shame anymore. People don’t hide the fact that they are users of dating sites. It’s like to be a user of Facebook or Instagram. I don`t understand why people […]

  • love

    How to protect yourself? Marriage agreement settlement

    Marriage agreement is a new concept for Ukrainians. Not every woman even knows what is it for and how it works. I can say that it won`t be easy to explain to a Ukrainian lady that you want to conclude a marriage agreement with her. I suggest you to be well-prepared for this conversation. You […]

  • online dating

    Online dating Ukrainian women. Safety tips

    Undoubtedly, dating online is very convenient, quick and sometimes even more effective. However, with the development of modern technologies new types of fraud have appeared. Therefore, both real-life and online dating Ukrainian women includes following certain safety tips. The fact that Internet is a good shelter for many scammers, must not distract you from using […]

  • whatisit

    IMBRA form. Safe effecient dating

    Every year more and more people register on online dating websites or become clients of matchmaking agencies. They all have same goals to find love of their lives, to love and to be loved. These people are so romantic, brave and open minded that for them the borders don’t really matter. Some men are ready […]

  • pretty little liars

    The Ultimate guide to Ukrainian women on free dating sites

    We have already told you why using free dating sites is not a good idea because you can meet Ukrainian women of different kinds, some of which may surprise you in a bad way. We have even created an ultimate guide to Ukrainian women using free dating sites to show you who you will meet […]