Safe Efficient Dating in Eastern Europe

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    Gallery of single Ukrainian women: Why you should avoid it?

    Have you ever heard about the gallery of single Ukrainian women? I am sure, you have. Even if you think you do not know what it is, you have come across it while surfing the Internet. So, the gallery of women is actually a gallery of pictures on free dating sites. Men, who are trying […]

  • sex in internet

    Sex in Internet: Why you shouldn’t trust low-quality dating sites?

    So many people are clients of dating sites or marriage agencies nowadays. All of them dream to find a real love and live happily ever after. They want to believe in a fairy tale, what actually happens, but not unfortunately for everyone. Thousand and thousand people spend their evenings online searching for a soul mate […]

  • free dating site

    Downsides of free dating sites

    It is not big news that dating online is a popular trend nowadays. A lot of men and women spend much time looking for their destiny on the Internet and free dating sites are eager to help them. Indeed, why not use such an opportunity? You do not need to pay a penny, you do […]

  • mail order brides

    What is a mail order brides site?

    To tell you the truth, when I heard this question a couple of weeks ago, I was startled. Being connected with dating industry, I still have never heard this term. So I was determined to do what it takes to find out as much information about mail order brides sites as possible. Let me start […]

  • Choosing-the-Best

    How to choose marriage agency and not to be scammed?

    To write this article I myself decided to do a research and choose a marriage agency to register my profile. What if I would be lucky enough to find my soul mate while doing my interesting job. I was really surprised to see how many agencies exist in online world. How to choose the right […]

  • scam

    Life after being scammed

    Good time of day to you, my dear reader. The topic we are going to discuss today has come to my mind after I remembered one story which had happened to me. A couple of years ago I was trying to find myself a husband abroad. For that I used an international dating service. It […]

  • be careful of scam

    False alarm or is she a SCAMMER?

    Scam… this is probably the most unpleasant word for a man, who has decided to find himself a wife on one of numerous dating sites. Let us try to understand if a girl you are writing to is a scammer. To tell you the truth, it can be quite difficult to spot a scammer through […]

  • sexy witch

    Burn the sexy witch

    In Russian language there is a famous joke and I hope the meaning won’t get lost in translation. Burn the witch! But she is so sexy and hot?! Well, ok. But after that – burn the witch. No so long ago I have found a blog in the Internet where the blogger from the USA […]

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    How not to be fooled and scammed while dating online?

    There are many stories about scam on-line nowadays. Some of them are scaring, other are funny and sad at the same time. At one of the IDate professional dating conferences I was lucky enough to meet and develop friendship with a truly fantastic organization called This organization is unique because they help victims of […]

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    How to date safely on-line by Wayne May,

    Firstly, I should introduce myself. My name is Wayne May and I run a site called ScamSurvivors.