Ukrainian Culture&Traditions

  • New Year and Christmas Traditions in Ukraine

    Starting with December 25 Ukrainians have a very good period of time in their lives. This is when they have good rest, eat a lot, meet their families and have a lot of fun. Why? That is because it is the New Year and Christmas time. Therefore, we would like to devote this article to […]

  • Ukraine 2020

    Best time to visit Ukraine in 2020

    We are often asked when it is best to visit Ukraine to make dating a Ukrainian woman most productive. To tell you the truth, the best time is anytime you feel ready for that, however we will try to tell you about when it is better to visit our country to enjoy your stay here […]

  • learning language

    15 + Basic Ukrainian Phrases for Your Trip to Ukraine

    15 + Basic Ukrainian Phrases for Your Trip to Ukraine It is not a secret that English is an international language, so it will be enough for communication almost in every country. Still, if you travel somewhere it will be good to know several basic phrases that can help you if there is nobody, who […]

  • Ukrainian wedding

    5 Traditions You Will Only See at a Ukrainian Wedding

    Ukrainian traditions have always been a thing of interest for other natinalities because of their flavour; and a traditional Ukrainian wedding is not an exception. It is full of exciting and unusual customs and traditions. Even looking at them superficially, you will make sure that Ukrainians have a very original approach to wedding issues. So […]

  • Ukrainian culture

    Facts You Didn’t Know About Ukrainian Culture

    Travelling to Ukraine, you might probably have learnt some facts about this country and already know that its capital is Kyiv, the currency is hryvnia and people, who live here speak both Ukrainian and Russian. You might also know that the most favourite Ukrainian soup is «borshch»,we also like lard or «salo», as we call […]

  • Ukraine

    Unknown facts about Ukrainian culture and traditions

    About ten years ago the world did not know much about Ukraine. People used to think that it was a part of Russian Federation. Today the world knows about Ukraine because of war. However, there is much more to learn about this wonderful and interesting country. Therefore, we offer you to read our article and […]

  • What is the best way to learn Ukrainian?

    The world’s best way to learn Ukrainian Are you interested in international dating? Obviously, you fully realize that Ukrainian girls are taught one or even two of the Slavic languages as children. Would you like to figure out what language is spoken in Ukraine? 67.5% of the country’s population speaks Ukrainian. It’s the official language. […]

  • romantic places

    The Most Romantic Places in Ukraine

    Ukraine is a beautiful country full of places that are worth seeing. However, if you want to know where to go to feel the most romantic atmosphere with your beloved, you must definitely read this article. Romantic place in Ukraine #1. Dendropark Oleksandriya. This park, situated in the town Bila Tserkva, exists thanks to Countess […]

  • ukraine trip

    Prepare to your trip to Ukraine: matchmaking advice

    You’ve made a responsible decision of your life to find a beautiful Ukrainian match, so how to be ready for so important trip to avoid unnecessarily problems and what you should take with you? There are matchmaking advice for you how to be fully prepared for the trip to Ukraine and what to take with […]

  • travel to ukraine

    How much money do you need to visit Ukraine?

    If you have decided to visit any country, the first thing you usually do is counting. You need to know how much your flight will cost, what the price of accommodation is, how much you will pay for the excursions and everyday purchases. So, if you are going to travel to Ukraine, you might find […]