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    Travel to Ukraine: money and prices

    “The world is a book, and those who don`t travel read only a page”. Saint Augustine.   We become more educative and wiser with traveling. Why not to take a chance and go somewhere you have never been before? For example, Ukraine? It is a wonderful country with a rich history and lots of interesting […]

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    Is It Safe to Travel to Ukraine?

    Nowadays we are able to travel almost everywhere. We can explore different countries, even continents. We can meet people from different cultures and learn about their customs and traditions. For dinner, we can order dishes from all over the world. Nowadays country borders are opened as never before. People can fly and cross the oceans. […]

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    Top 5 romantic places in Ukraine

    It`s getting colder and colder outside. Winter time makes us thinking about romance and love more often. Why not to travel to the romantic places and to inspire yourself? Or if you haven`t planned the trip or don`t have time to do it, just make yourself comfortable on a couch and read this article about […]

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    10 romantic restaurants in Kharkov

    Kharkov is a big city that can offer you plenty of entertainments, restaurants and bars, services that work for you 24/7. Citizens of big cities will truly appreciate it and our guests from small towns will be very surprised by variety of romantic, modern or historical places what Kharkov can offer them. Romance is so […]

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    Welcome to romantic Kharkov! 

    I want to introduce you to the city you might have never heard about but that definitely deserves to be visited at least once. Welcome to Kharkov! Kharkov is a very romantic city. There are plenty of romantic cafes, streets, monuments, places to go. Even Kharkov climate is romantic. Romantic Kharkov in summer Kharkov has four […]

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    Top 10 things to do in Kharkov in 2018

    Are you planning to visit Kharkov in 2018 but hesitate whether you will have something interesting to do? Then our article will be of major interest, as it will tell you about how you can spend your time in our amazing city. The first of the things to do in Kharkov, especially in January-March is […]

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    Weird and wonderful words in Ukrainian

    We want to continue getting you acquainted with the Ukrainian language by telling you more about it and giving examples of the most used, melodic and “Ukrainian” words of our language. To begin with, we want to say that a lot of people state that the Ukrainian language is unsurpassed among the rest Slavic languages […]

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    Tips for visiting a traditional Ukrainian banya

    Ukrainian banya is an inseparable part of Ukrainian culture. It is a certain heritage passed from one generation to another. Going to a bath (banya) was not a simple hygienic procedure, but a special ritual. Is it still the same? What is Ukrainian banya like? Are there any rules of visiting banya? Let us try […]

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    Ukrainian love phrases and romantic words

    No matter what nationality your girlfriend is, she really needs to hear some romantic and nice words from you. Of course, the language of love is the same everywhere, but what do you think your Ukrainian girlfriend will do, if she hears you saying some Ukrainian love phrases? She will definitely be impressed. So, if […]

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    Ukrainian language: origin, history, interesting facts

    According to many linguists, the Ukrainian language appeared much earlier than official science says. They think that it is the oldest of living Slavic languages. The Ukrainian language is a part of the Indo-European language family. It is the only state language in Ukraine. Moreover, the Ukrainian language is also spoken in foreign countries where […]