Ukrainian Culture&Traditions

  • epiphany in ukraine

    Epiphany in Ukraine: customs and traditions

    On 19 January all Ukrainians celebrate Epiphany, which is one of major Christian holidays. Epiphany marks the end of Christmas festivities, which take place from 7 to 19 January. In spite of cold weather, the usual custom of swimming in the ice hole is observed every year and one can see a lot of people, […]

  • kutya

    Traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes

    As you know, Ukrainians have already celebrated Christmas, which was on 6-7 January. We have already told you about Christmas traditions; however, we have skipped the topic of traditional Ukrainian Christmas dishes. To correct our mistake and to tell you what you can expect from Christmas meals if you come to Ukraine on this holiday, […]

  • happy-couple

    How to spend a perfect weekend with Kharkov girl?

    One of the reason to fall in love with the Kharkov girl is the Kharkov city. When you start to have a long-distance relationship with a girl you will have a relationship with her city automatically. Kharkov is a lovely place for falling in love and spending a romantic time with your beloved Kharkov girl. […]

  • vodka drinking

    Top 5 stereotypes about Ukrainian people

    It is not a secret that people have their own idea about what surrounds them. Therefore it is quite natural that some stereotypes about different countries and nations appear. Someone takes them seriously, for others stereotypes have no importance. Having visited some countries I was surprised to hear that almost in every of them people […]

  • happy_holidays

    New year traditions in Ukraine

    New year festivities in Ukraine are considered to be the most important event in a year. They include a lot of customs and days off for Ukrainians. And, of course, we have our special new year traditions which everyone likes to follow. New year traditions in Ukraine have their own history. They mix both pagan […]

  • marriage tradition

    Marriage traditions in Ukraine

    A wedding is one of the most important events in every person’s life.  And in every country it is a celebration filled with interesting traditions. Ukraine is not an exception. To tell you the truth, marriage traditions in Ukraine have been the same for hundreds of years. However, as our life cannot stay unchanged, they […]

  • Family_Tradition

    Family traditions in Ukraine

    Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; moreover, they provide something steady, reliable and safe in our confusing world. Traditions help to create memories, after all.  They help people feel connected to their relatives and previous generations. Speaking of Ukrainian family traditions, we have to tell you that their […]

  • kharkiv winter

    Top 10 things to do in Kharkov in Winter

    I think you will agree with me that winter is the most magical and wonderful time of the year especially for people who live in the tropical countries and see snow usually in TV. In winter we celebrate two of the main and fairy holidays like Christmas and New Year. Winter sport and winter entertainments […]

  • mother in law

    How to behave with mother-in-law?

    From our article about Ukrainian family structure, you have already learnt that a Ukrainian family has its own peculiarities. Still, we did not mention anything about the relationship between a son-in-law and a mother-in-law. In Ukraine it is thought that they never get on well and there are many jokes on that topic. Why is […]

  • contemporary-ukrainian-family

    Ukrainian family structure

    Could you imagine what our society would be like, if it existed in some other form than divided into separate units, which we call families? Frankly speaking, I cannot. However, there is a question: what is Ukrainian family structure like and does it differ from that of other countries or not? Let us look closer […]