Ukrainian Culture&Traditions

  • alcohol drinking

    The attitude of Ukrainian women to alcohol drinking

    There is a stereotype that Ukrainian people and alcohol are inseparable. Well, to tell you the truth, there is no smoke without fire and our people do like to have a glass or two every now and then. Therefore, it is not a surprise for us that you, our dear men, really want to know […]

  • alcohol drinks

    The ABC of Ukrainian beverages

    We have already told you about Ukrainian cuisine, which is quite varied. Still, Ukrainian beverages will hardly concede the right to be the national pride, since each of them has its own history and is drunk on special occasions. Many of them are still prepared keeping the traditions alive. So, as you have already guessed, […]

  • Ukrainian Holiday

    10 Ukrainian holidays and traditions

    It is not a secret that Ukrainian people are open-hearted and friendly. Probably, that is why they have so many holidays during the year. They combine old Ukrainian traditions, Christian celebrations, European holidays as well as universal festivals like the New Year, Christmas, Easter, etc. However, there are special Ukrainian holidays, which are celebrated only […]

  • family values

    Family values in Ukraine

    If you have decided to address a matchmaker for help, you must be looking for a chance to create a family. As an international matchmaking agency helping foreign men to find their true love in Ukraine, we think it is utterly important to tell our seekers for happiness about family values in our country. Still, […]

  • Olga Kurylenko

    Top 10 sexiest celebrities

    Ukraine is a very rich country of soil, nature and beautiful women of course. It`s not a secret that Ukrainian women are one of the most beautiful and feminine girls of the world. Like every country Ukraine has numerous of celebrities. Let`s have a look at these famous, educated, hardworking and sexy ladies. Sexy celebrity […]

  • beauty of Ukrainian summer

    10+ Summer ideas for a vacation in Ukraine

    Summer is the time when many people have a vacation. That is why all of them expect to get new impressions and relax from work. To do that they travel to different countries. So, if you have decided to spend a summer in Ukraine, you will definitely be excited because our country offers a big […]

  • beautiful bride with flowers

    Marriage traditions in Ukraine

    Why do people exchange rings on the wedding day? Why do they break the dishes and shower the husband and wife to be with different food? That is just because these are customs of a traditional Ukrainian wedding, which is very interesting and is worth talking about. Not many people know that long time ago […]

  • beautiful ukraine

    How to plan your first trip to Ukraine?

    Ukraine is a wonderful country with lots of unique landscapes and sceneries, distinctive cultural traditions and opportunities to satisfy any traveller. So, if you have decided to organise a trip to Ukraine our article will be of good help to you. First of all, you must believe us that a trip to Ukraine  does not […]

  • spring ukraine

    Best spring activities in Ukraine

    Spring is one of the most loved seasons by many people because it is the time when everything wakes up after the long and cold winter. The sun shines and it is not too cold and not too hot and such a weather makes us want to spend more time outdoors. So, what are the […]

  • easter in Ukraine pysanka

    Easter in Ukraine: history and traditions

    Easter in Ukraine has a second name which is “the Resurrection”. It has been used by Ukrainians for many years, but not all of us know that, actually these are two different holidays, whose history has interlaced and the modern Easter we celebrate in spring appeared. The origin if this festival goes back to pre-Christian […]