Ukrainian Culture&Traditions

  • spring ukraine

    Best spring activities in Ukraine

    Spring is one of the most loved seasons by many people because it is the time when everything wakes up after the long and cold winter. The sun shines and it is not too cold and not too hot and such a weather makes us want to spend more time outdoors. So, what are the […]

  • easter in Ukraine pysanka

    Easter in Ukraine: history and traditions

    Easter in Ukraine has a second name which is “the Resurrection”. It has been used by Ukrainians for many years, but not all of us know that, actually these are two different holidays, whose history has interlaced and the modern Easter we celebrate in spring appeared. The origin if this festival goes back to pre-Christian […]

  • ukraine is amazing

    Why shouldn’t you visit Ukraine?

    People who travel have their reasons why they strive to open the horizons and discover new cultures, lifestyles, and atmosphere. New region shows its own character and tells its own story, open for the people, who are ready to hear it…  And many trip advisors may advice you to go and to visit Ukraine, may […]

  • romantic ideas

    Welcome to Romantic Kharkiv!

    When it comes to a date in winter in Kharkov for the V-day, one should have enough creativity and imagination to find a warm and cozy spot for it. But there is nothing impossible for loving passionate hearts. There are plenty of banal romantic places to go, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, but we know that really […]

  • romantic place

    Romantic Ukraine. Top 10 most romantic places you should visit with your better half.

    Believe it or not, but Ukraine has a great number of special places, which loving couples will be happy to visit. Moreover, if you really want to see Ukraine, it will be a good reason to visit different cities and enjoy their beauty as well. Since St. Valentine’s Day is near, you can think of […]

  • my valentine is nice

    St. Valentine’s Day in Ukraine

    St. Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is considered to be the day of all lovers, just like all over the world, and is celebrated on 14 February. People started celebrating this holiday in Europe several centuries ago, however St. Valentine’s Day in Ukraine has become a popular celebration in 90s. It is widely known that Saint […]

  • learn ukrainian right now

    5 reasons to learn Ukrainian

    What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word Ukrainian? Is it the word “beauty”? 😉 After visiting Ukraine for the first time, many people get the desire to learn this language. And many of them come back with the ability to understand and to speak to local people. […]

  • old new year table

    Old New Year in Ukraine

    Christmas and New Year are not the only favorite winter holidays in Ukraine. Yes, sometimes when people here start to celebrate, they just can’t stop doing it half a month then. Why not to celebrate the coming of the New Year twice: January 1 (New New Year) and January 14 (Old New Year)? So here is another […]

  • chinese rooster

    Chinese New Year traditions in Ukraine

    Visiting Ukraine in the New Year period, you should know that many Ukrainian women take New Year preparations very seriously. Though Ukrainians are Christian and follow all Christian and even some heathen traditions, Asian culture gets more and more popular and more and more Chinese traditions become widespread here as well as in other countries. […]

  • mountains

    Top 7 places to visit in Ukraine during winter holidays

    Winter… it is a cold and snowy season, however it does not mean that you must spend all your time inside. If you come to our country in winter, there are a number of places which we can recommend you to visit in Ukraine during winter holidays. Probably the most favorite place to visit in […]