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  • carpathians for you

    10 Not-to-Miss Experiences in Ukrainian Carpathians. Part two.

    Rest for your body and soul In the first part of our article we have told you about the places in the Carpathian Mountains where you can have an active holiday. This part is devoted to the ones, which can help you relax and just enjoy the Carpathian winter. 5. Beregovo thermal springs in the […]

  • snowy carpathians

    10 Not-to-Miss Experiences in Ukrainian Carpathians. Part one.

    Active rest In one of our articles, we have told you about the places to visit in Ukraine in winter. However, we did not tell you enough about one of the most beautiful places you must see – the Carpathian Mountains. There you can go skiing or snowboarding, feel yourself a nobleman riding a team […]

  • winter activities kharkov

    10 amazing winter activities in Kharkov!

    Winter… It is the time of the year not really loved by many Ukrainians because the weather is mostly cold and people have no desire to spend much time outdoors. However, Kharkov has a big choice of winter activities you can do indoors, especially if you are on a date with a nice Ukrainian lady. […]

  • new year films

    Top 5 New year films Ukrainians like watching

    When Ukrainians think of what to do during the New Year holidays, they definitely remember to watch one or all of the following films, which have become an inseparable part of every New Year celebration in every Ukrainian home. So, here are top 5 most watched New year films in Ukraine. The most popular New […]

  • family traditions

    Top ten family traditions during winter holidays in Ukraine

    Winter holidays in Ukraine are mostly associated with the New Year celebrations and there are many traditions without which we, Ukrainians, do not imagine these festive days. So, here is the list of what our people usually do during winter holidays, which we have made after asking our wonderful ladies about family traditions they can […]

  • winter activities

    10 amazing winter activities in Ukraine

    This the most romantic and the coziest time of the year offers us various ways how to spend time to enjoy yourself, with use for health and with the opportunity to get to know a person you like better. If you happen to be in Ukraine in winter, you are a lucky person. To sit […]

  • new-year-tree-kharkov

    Duration of New Year’s holidays in Ukraine!

    Probably the New Year’s holidays in Ukraine is one of the most expected periods of time during the year. Do you think it is because everyone is in anticipation of the forthcoming celebration? If you do, you are absolutely right. But there is one more reason why the New Year’s holidays in Ukraine are so […]

  • New year dishes in Ukraine

    New year dishes in Ukraine

    One of the most important parts of celebrating the New Year is a great festive table with the most delicious and so traditional new year dishes. The holiday menu mostly depends on which country you are celebrating in. If you are in France, you will probably find the new year dishes such as foie gras, […]

  • to celebrate christmas

    How single ladies celebrate Christmas and the New Year

    It is not a secret that the New Year and Christmas are considered to be family holidays around the world. It is a usual thing, especially for Ukrainian people to distribute responsibilities for the family members: the husband buys the Christmas tree, the wife prepares food for the festive table and the children help the […]

  • christmas tradition

    Christmas traditions in Ukraine

    In Ukraine it is believed that you will spend the year the same way as you see Christmas. So what are the Christmas traditions in Ukraine, which make our year a good one? On Christmas Eve (Holy Evening), 6 January, Ukrainians, who keep the Christmas traditions gather around the table full of plain dishes. It […]