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  • ukrainian cuisine

    What types of cuisine can you find in Kharkiv?

    Being quite a big and cosmopolitan city, Kharkiv has a great variety of restaurants, offering you to try traditional dishes from different countries. Here you can find Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, German, American, Georgian, Armenian, Thai, Mexican, Ukrainian restaurants as well as lots of seafood, fast food cafes and even the ones, serving exotic food. […]

  • to visit on a date

    10 places to visit for a date in winter Kharkiv

    It is almost winter now, so if you are planning to visit Kharkiv, you might wonder what you can do here at this time of year. That is why, we have decided to help you and tell which places you can visit in winter Kharkiv. Of course, if you are here to meet a woman, […]

  • accommodation

    Best type of accommodation if you’re visiting Ukraine

    Are you lucky to find a woman you would like to meet in person and are going to visit Ukraine? Then, probably, it will be interesting for you which accommodation will be best for you to choose. To begin with, let me tell you, that just like other countries, Ukraine has a lot of types […]

  • ukraine usa

    Cultural differences between Ukraine and the USA

    If you are trying to find your love abroad, in our case in Ukraine, you must understand that lifestyle in your country can be different from the way Ukrainian people live, and it is always better to read something about the culture of another country in advance. So, if you are determined to visit Ukraine, […]

  • visiting ukraine

    Problems while visiting Ukraine

    Travelling to other countries, you will hardly think of problems which you will face when you come to a new place. However, there is definitely one thing that is true: if you want to go to a foreign country, you must know at least something about it not to get into trouble or just enjoy […]

  • kharkov

    5 more reasons to visit Kharkiv

    Part 2. Entertainment and shopping   In the first part of the article you have read about the historical and architectural sites of Kharkiv. So, it is just the time to relax and have some fun. That is why this part is devoted to entertainment and shopping tourist attractions. Reason to visit Kharkiv №1  – […]

  • kharkov city

    10 reasons to visit Kharkiv

    Part 1. History and architecture Kharkiv is the biggest city in the East of Ukraine. It is considered to be the capital of Slobidska Ukraine. We, the citizens of Kharkiv, are proud that it was the capital of Soviet Ukraine. That is why it is called “the first capital” among people.  Although Kharkiv is quite […]

  • how to say compliments

    How to make compliments in Ukrainian easily?

    I hope you will agree that a woman is a creature that likes compliments and nice words. That is why, when you want to make something pleasant and show that you care about a woman, you start with saying something good about her. But what shall you do if you and your woman speak different […]

  • ukrainian language

    Do Ukrainian ladies speak Ukrainian or Russian?

    What is the Ukrainian language like? If you have decided to look for your better half in Ukraine, you may have asked yourself this question. The first answer that may come to your mind is the Ukrainian language. However, people who have been to Ukraine may tell you that Ukrainian girls speak Russian. Sounds quite […]

  • kharkiv beautiful

    Kharkiv in brief

    If you are lucky to visit Kharkiv, you must know that it is not a tourist city, however thousands of people from around the world come to it annually. Why do they do it? That is because Kharkiv is a very interesting and  unique city where historical sites stand along with modern ones, and where […]