From the first part of the article, you have learnt some theory about making compliments to ladies from Ukraine. So, you are ready to face practical advice.

There are two types of compliments: direct and indirect.

Direct compliments praise a girl or one of her qualities openly. They are good at the beginning stage of communication, when you have just met, talk on the phone or are having the first date with her. This could be something like: “You are irresistible tonight.”

Indirect compliments praise a girl’s quality, which has no connection with her personality. They are used at the further stages of communication and should be made face-to-face, not on the phone or the Internet. For example: “You work as a teacher? I think it is the most important job in the world!” or “Out of thousands of ladies from Ukraine only you make me feel a man with the capital letter M”.

So, what topics are open for the compliments?

  1. Her appearance. However, the compliment must not be routine. Try to praise some part of her body, which is rarely or never praised. e.g. “You’ve got so magnetic ankles!”  Still, keep in mind that you must be very careful when making compliments on this topic. Avoid ambiguous compliments like: “This dress really suits you. You look so slim in it!” After such a compliment, your lady from Ukraine can develop a complex and be very offended. You should not make compliments to problems with her figure like: “You are such a sweet doughnut. But these are my favorite!” This will also make your lady from Ukraine develop complexes and if she is an emotional one, you can even get kicked on the forehead.  And never ever try to make instructive compliments “You have great legs. Why don’t you wear short skirts?” or “You have fantastic hair! You must wear it loose.”
  2. Her efforts. This could be well-matching colors in her clothes, some accessories, her hair, unusual manicure. Ladies from Ukraine put a lot of efforts to look beautiful, and that is why they deserve high praise.
  3. Her surroundings and way of life. Praise her friends, her work, the way she likes to have rest.
  4. Her behavior. Speak about her actions and the way she proves herself in life; something that she did in the past and what she wants to reach in the future.
  5. Her skills. It often happens so, that ladies from Ukraine think their skills are not worth attention. However, if you make a compliment to something she is good at, she will be pleased to hear it.
  6. Her beliefs. If you support her beliefs, that will be a compliment to her. However, do not praise anything you disagree with because she will feel that you are not honest.
  7. Her energy and magnetism. For example you could ask her why she is looking at you like this, and in 5 minutes make her the following compliment “What? Again you looked at me so that I have forgotten why I have taken this cup”…

However, to make all your compliments to ladies from Ukraine work, you must remember the following:

  • The compliment must be honest and sincere.
  • You must touch her hand or shoulder when you make a compliment.
  • Praise her not for something that you liked, but to emphasize your idea of beautiful.
  • Say something unusual, non-typical.
  • Do everything to make your woman feel that you really appreciate what you are praising and it is not just a try to pick her up.
  • Smile, when you are making a compliment.

If you follow these rules, your compliment will be a 100% success and all ladies from Ukraine will be ready to give you their beautiful hearts.