Correspondence and long-distance communication with Ukrainian ladies

Correspondence and long-distance communication seems a challenging task. Due to modern digital technologies, one of our clients, let’s call him David from California, is in touch with his girlfriend, Oksana who lives in Kharkiv and is job hunting online in the USA. Despite being separated, they play online games together when David has a break at work, they call each other in the car, and they watch Netflix together at the end of the day using an app that lets them share a screen. “It’s almost like being in the same room together,” he says of their tandem streaming. Besides, they communicate with each other through different messengers. I’ve been inspired by their example and decided to offer you some tips on how to text a girl in long-distance relationships, how to write a great message or text, how exactly in Ukraine women prefer to chat.

Tip 1. Busy means busy

If a woman lets you know on Skype or Telegram that she’s too busy at the moment, it means she’s busy. She may sit at her laptop all day long, writing tons of formal emails and having pretty exhausting meetings, or visit her grandma, be on a crowded subway with a stranger trying to read what she’s texting. She might be carrying heavy bags from the supermarket, picking her kid up from school, working out in a gym or drinking coffee with her friend. You never know what can happen to her. You’d better ask “when can we skype or text?”

Tip 2. Dialogue sounds much better than monologue

Some people are quite talkative and get themselves into a position to write twenty detailed sentences about themselves without any questions to their companion. They discuss everything — awful weather and their emotions, their lunch and the old family recipe they’d like to try on Christmas, Halloween party next week and strike at the nearest factory, pros and cons of COVID-19 vaccination, ignoring everything their partner adds. But I believe you’re not that kind of person.

Tip 3. Don’t be mad

You send her a message (an exact time hasn’t been agreed), and she doesn’t respond immediately… Don’t send her 10 messages trying to figure out what has happened. Don’t panic. It is not a good idea. She might suggest you’ve lost your mind.

Tip 4. Be careful with names

One of our clients struggles to remember the names of the women he communicates with. He might call one of them by his former wife’s name. It barely makes the lady excited.

Tip 5. Show appreciation

It’s important to feel appreciated by a companion. It makes girls feel valued and drives them to do their best. It also helps with wellbeing and mental health, so it really can make a difference. Grateful couples are more satisfied and feel closer to each other.

Tip 6. Remember the facts

She has already told you about her brother and nieces. However, you’re going to ask her, whether she has siblings… again. It seems weird. She may suppose you don’t care.

Tip 7. Ping pong

Try to imagine you’re playing ping pong. You send a message. You’re looking forward to hearing from her. You ask a question. She answers and texts you back. The lady writes you a long email and sends you pictures, you reply to her with a long letter. You’re both on the same side here so let you start acting like it.

Dating a Ukrainian lady, don’t forget about compliments and romantic gestures. A simple comment “you look gorgeous in this dress in the photo” is better than a detailed story about your terrible suffering because your favorite football team has lost all of its games.