Family traditions in Ukraine and their sources

Family traditions are experiences or activities passed down between generations. They are more than just habits relatives keep, they are likely to be ideas and practices creating our authentic culture. They help us shape individual identities, keeping us connected to the closest ones. Obviously, for that reason, it’s essential to keep something safe, reliable and steady in our confusing world.

When it comes to Ukrainian traditions, their profound roots are to be found in the ideas, concepts, images and representations of Cossacks’ epoch. The history of Ukrainian culture is rather complicated. It goes without saying that ancient warriors introduced regulations on married and family life in Ukraine and followed a great number of rules. Cultures, customs and traditions take a look at how people interact with each other. This might be through sub-cultures, relationships, fads or religion.

In our country, elders have always been respected.

Besides, people have appreciated hospitality and tried to honor their guests, creating space for others to be themselves. Hospitality matters because it deepens existing relationships and creates the space for new ones to flourish.

The woman has always enjoyed respect, and folklore especially has sung the praises of her role as mother and protectress of the home. All men should love their wife, daughters and sisters and respect their mother as well. Those who disrespect and violate women deserve to be punished.

In Ukraine culture is based on a wide variety of historical facts and funny superstitions, making our families warm and solid. Speaking about the development of democracy in Ukraine it is impossible to gloss over the difficulties encountered, which, in several respects, prevented people from safeguarding their culture. However, Ukrainians made determined efforts to preserve customs.

Now a man is believed to be a cornerstone of a family, he is someone, who has to bring home the bacon. Although he seems to be a head, his wife is said to be a neck that can turn the head in any direction. As a result, a husband should “follow” his wife.

A wide variety of habits are related to events like calendar festives, weddings, funerals and religious holidays. Giving birth is considered one of the most significant events. When a Ukrainian lady gets pregnant, usually only her beloved people are told about it. It is strongly recommended that pregnant women should not cut their hair or look at snakes or purchase anything for their future son or daughter. It is believed the less number of friends are aware of the situation, the better. Also, some people insist on not letting anyone see a newborn before christening. A child is considered vulnerable and unprotected without the defense of God. The act of baptism seems to be one of the most fascinating rituals. All family members gather together having a festive dinner.

Besides, when parents celebrate their son’s or daughter’s first birthday, an entertaining ceremony is often held. All the guests want to predict the child’s future. The parents put various objects before their infant. Different things symbolize career choices or personality traits. The child’s choice is used to forecast their future.

In the past, the items the baby could choose from depended on their gender: female babies were given items like jewelry and male ones were given items like swords.

Throughout history, the items commonly seen in a birthday grab come and go because of new available career paths and changes in social norms. The items the baby can choose from are ones that are already in the house and can be used. Most of the time, the item that the baby chooses represents their potential career path like doctors, teachers, lawyers, artists or fashion designers.
To conclude, the major goal of keeping traditions is to remind us that we should appreciate every moment spent with our family.