The language of flirt is the most widespread means of communication between men and women. It can help you make a good impression and be in the limelight wherever you are. If you want to be noticed and find the way to love, friendship and sex with the most interesting women, you must “speak” the language of flirt. If you think you do not know how to do it, you are welcome to my lesson and you will learn everything that you have to know about how to flirt with women.

To begin with, you must remember that flirt is a set of verbal and non-verbal actions, which you make to get a woman interested in you. It is fun, safe and natural. With the help of flirt, you can express yourself, add some romance to your conversation and even rise your interlocutor’s self-esteem. Flirt can be your road to close friendship, business connections, romance, marriage or a one-day relationship that will leave you the brightest memories. The outcome of your actions is not important, what really matters is that flirt makes your communication wonderful. Yes. Flirt is amazing.  

Now, when you have learnt what flirt is, the next step for you is to learn some ways of how to do it. However, what you will read must not be taken as a law or general prescription. Remember, that every woman is unique and you will have to choose what is better for this or that lady.

  1. Eye contact. When you are flirting with a woman, you must not look both ways. You must focus on HER. Even if you talk to someone, who is not the object of your sexual desire, looking all around, you show your disrespect, which can make your interlocutor’s attitude to you worse. For women it is vitally important to be within men’s sight.
  2. Compliments. Men must know how and when to make a compliment. A compliment said to a woman at the right time will rise your chances to win her. Even if the first reaction of a girl can be surprising, in the end she will feel pleased and will definitely remember you.
  3. The girl’s name. That is what you must remember really well and try to say quite often. Instead of asking the girl, “How often do you visit this place?” say, “Helen, (for example) how often do you visit this place?” This can make an impression that all your thoughts are only about her. Girls like it, believe me!
  4. Self-confidence. If you feel self-confident, you will be successful. If you do not feel self-confident, just pretend. Try and you will see, that this “small lie” will give you strength and help you behave naturally.
  5. Achievements. In my opinion, it is better not to tell much about your “medals” and achievements at work, etc. However, giving a small hint on how good you are at sex can get the girl’s interest in you.
  6. Touch. When you flirt with a woman, do not be afraid to touch her. You can move your hand across her back a couple of times and touch her waist. Whispering some nice words into a girl’s ear is also very sexy. And then leaning against her back “unintentionally” will add some extra spices.  
  7. Sense of humor and ability to joke. Believe it or not, but if you do not look like Prince Charming and do not know how to get acquainted with a girl, let alone to flirt with her, but you have a good sense of humor, your chances to get the girl’s attention rise. Being able to make a good joke at the right time is as important as making the right compliment. As for me, it is more interesting to spend some time with a man, who is not so good at flirting, but can make me laugh, rather than with a man who knows how to make court to a girl, but it is not fun to be with him. So, do not forget to tell a couple of jokes when you flirt with a woman and let her know that you are great fun.

Finally, remember that if some of the tips given do not work, do not give up and always keep the eye contact with your woman. It will definitely help you. Good luck.