How does Diolli.com work?
The process of our work is described in details in the MATCHMAKING PROCESS section. We sign an agreement with each of our clients. The agreement is an assurance of our quality and reliability. Before entering into an agreement, we provide a personal free consultation to learn more about you, your expectations and demands. We will not sing an agreement with you if we are not sure that we can meet your requirements, and organize a date with a lady who meets all your expectations.
How much will it cost me?
We offer our clients several packages of services and also the variety of additional services.
You can find out more about it after the first free consultation. During the first free consultation, we will determine the range of the services which fully meet your demands and wishes. The price of our services depends greatly on the choice of matchmaking services and your personal requirements in general. We recognize that each of our clients is unique and has his own requirements. Therefore, we provide different types of membership to our clients. Moreover, we offer a wide range of additional services (you can read more about these in the Additional Service section). You may call our manager to learn about the advantages and cost of each of our matchmaking packages as well as the cost of our additional services.
Is my payment secure?
Security is the base of our work. We neither ask nor recommend that you fill out the details of your credit card, personal number, home address or any other personal data on the request form of our web-site as it is not intended for indulging sensitive information. The method and detail of payments are specified in the agreement that we sign before starting our work. You can make an international bank-to-bank transfer to Diolli.com.
How soon can I meet the girls I like?
It all depends on you and the girls! We can schedule your first date the day we officially sign up the agreement. You will schedule all your dates together with your matchmaker to make your search as effective and pleasant as possible.
Can I communicate with the girls I like before the first date? (for example: via Skype conference, phone calls, or letters)
Of course you can do that but you must keep in mind that the first impression is the most important therefore we sincerely recommend you to start your first contact with the ladies of your choice by personal meetings under the best of circumstances preferably organized by our experienced matchmakers. Of course, we can also provide you with a videoconference by Skype but please be aware that you may not have a chance to make the first impression twice.
Can I get the contact details of the girl I like?
We deeply respect the privacy of our clients, both men, and women, which is why we don’t exchange personal contact details before the personal meeting.
Can I meet a girl who speaks a foreign language and has a University Degree?
Of course! We are an exclusive matchmaking agency and we are extremely selective in choosing our female clients. To be considered as s member of our agency a lady should be beautiful and well educated. Most of our ladies speak at least one foreign language and have a University degree.
Can I invite a lady to my country?
Yes, you can. You can also meet with her in her country or invite her to a neutral place (romantic weekend in Prague for example). You should discuss the details of the arrangement with your matchmaker.
What is the difference between Ukrainian, European and American women?
Ukrainian women are really family oriented. To be married is the natural and essential status for Ukrainian women. They are sincere, caring, educated and most of them really love cooking. Ukrainian ladies know how to turn one’s house into a home and how to make a man happy. Ukrainian ladies are beautiful and feminine. They prefer to dress nicely, use makeup and perfumes. Ukrainian women like different signs of attention and gentleman behaviour. When inviting a Ukrainian lady to a restaurant, she naturally assumes that you will pay the bill. Usually, it’s common to give a nice bouquet with an uneven number of flowers (1, 3, 5…21.) for the first date.
Can you help me to organize a trip to Ukraine?
If you need any assistance in organizing your trip to Ukraine, please get in contact with our manager. We would be more than happy to help you with any needs you may have such as booking your tickets and hotel accommodation, transport to and from the airport, tour guides, sightseeing, museum tickets, table at the restaurant etc.! We will endeavour to make your trip as comfortable as possible.
Can I get personal consultations from you?
We provide our clients with personal consultations in all phases of the matchmaking process. After you have submitted the application form on our website, our matchmaker will contact you for a first free consultation where we will discuss the terms of your request to find the most suitable matchmaking package. If during the first consultation we specify that we cannot meet your requirements and find the lady of your expectations then we shall not sign the agreement with you. If you become our client you will receive all necessary consultations during the matchmaking procedure. If you want to receive more detailed consultations of a certified dating coach you may apply for it and our manager will provide you with detailed information concerning the coaching sessions and benefits you will receive. We are the members of International Dating Coach Association, you may learn more at http://www.datingcoach.org
I consider using the professional matchmaking services. What should I start with?
You should start by filling out a request form or call us! After that, we will give you the first free consultation. During this consultation, you can find the right direction of the search of your best half. Your matchmaker may point you on different aspects, which you can improve or enhance in order to achieve the desired result.
What is the age of your clients?
At the moment, we work with men from the age of 25 years old and above and women from the age of 20 years old and above.
Which regions do you work with?
Our website is currently available in five different languages because we work with male clients from different countries. Also we are primarily working with girls from Ukraine. Our main office in Ukraine is located in Kharkov city and we also have a representative office in Denmark. Our client can be any man from any country if his goal is serious dating and developing a serious relationship with the Slavic lady.
Who can be a client of Diolli.com?
Our client can be a successful businessman, divorced office worker, a creative person, a single father of two children and a romantic farmer. We offer several matchmaking packages to satisfy the needs and respective capabilities of our clients. As for our female clients they are serious ladies who prefer not to share their photos and personal data on public dating sites. Our female clients are only interested in serious relationships and not in numbers of Internet admirers. We are proud to say that doctors, lawyers, ballet-dancers, businesswomen, professional models and actresses, teachers and students are in the database of our agency.
Why are there no public profiles of ladies on your website?
We are a matchmaking agency and not a dating site and that is why posting of profiles in public is in contradiction with the concepts of our work and professional ethic. We respect the privacy of our clients both men and women and this is the main reason why most of our clients chose us. If you would like to know more about our concepts and rules of work do not hesitate to contact our manager at your convenience. You may find the contact information you need in the CONTACT section on our web site.
Why is matchmaking more effective than dating sites or chatting up ladies in public places?
If you have been looking for your best half for a long period of time without success and you are tired of searching for your love through the internet and trying to add strangers on Facebook or going on different dates set by your friends, maybe it is time for you to consider professional matchmaking service. Then you will get the help of an experienced matchmaking agency that works with ladies that are serious about marriage. If you were lucky and you have met your best half already at school and after graduating university you got married, maybe you have a single friend or a divorced colleague to whom you may recommend diolli.com.
What are the differences between Diolli.com matchmaking agency and dating sites?
The choice between a dating site and a matchmaking agency is a matter of needs, time, taste and budget. It also depends on the goals you pursue. If you want to meet a countless number of girls, just to flirt with them, have a fascinating correspondence, then a public dating site is a good choice for you. However, if security, privacy and verity of the information and efficiency of the meetings are important to you in this case any dating site cannot satisfy your needs. Don’t be surprised if by using a dating site married women start chatting with you, use borrowed pictures in their profile and provide not truthful and correct information about them. In public dating sites you are always at risk of becoming a victim of fraud and scammers. This risk is eliminated if you join Diolli.com because we personally ensure and verify the identity of all our female clients and thus there can be no cheating! We can give you reliable information about the exact age, marital status, profession and psychological profile of your potential match. We fully guarantee that photos and videos of our ladies are original and up-to-date.
What to do if I am afraid to getting “No” as the answer?
Let the professional matchmaking agency take care about this issue. The matchmaker spends hours on interviewing 10-15 possible matches to find one possible date for you that meets all your needs and preferences who is genially interested in having a date with you. Just imagine the amount of work and time out team spends to provide you with five high quality dates. You will have effective dates with high quality people who meet your expectations and have serious intentions. We can say for sure that those girls who have successfully passed our interviews are ready for a serious relationship with you. However, if you were late on the first date, didn’t say any complement to a lady or even suggested her to share the bill in this case the matchmaker don’t have a “magic wand” which forces a girl to agree on a second date with you. Of course our professional matchmaker is able to prevent you from small and big silly mistakes. We should mention that those girls who successfully passed our interview are ready for serious relationship with the foreign men and want to create a family.
Women like me, but I cannot find my beloved, what should I do?
You are lucky if most women like you. You have big chances to meet your best half. If for some reason your search is dragged on, then maybe the women you choose are not exactly your type? Or maybe you still can’t recognize what kind of a woman you need for a family? Our team has a professional coach, who is certified by the International Dating Coach Association, who can help you to choose the best lady for you. We are all unique so what has worked for your best friend can be dreadful for you.
Why do I need the help of a matchmaker if I can simply find a lady on social networks or free dating sites?
Of course if you’re a gambler, then you can play roulette with your life. Remember, where you invest your love you invest your life. If you are willing to take a risk on a daily basis by adding strangers to your friends list in the social networks or by sending dozens of messages on dating sites in the hope that some girl will respond to you, keep in mind that the casino always wins. There is no guarantee that the blondie you liked is really the one who she claims to be. She may be married and sometimes amuses herself by flirting online in order to escape from her daily routine, or she wants to take a rest from her husband, three kids and two dogs. She maybe an old lady who wants the thrills of attention, so she uploaded her best picture from the time when she was young and beautiful but long time ago. She could also be a man with a fake profile, who is hiding under the photo of a spectacular blond woman, like a scammer who dreams about making money, using blackmail. Do you still want to rely on this case? The Diolli.com team can with absolute certainty claim that this scenario is out of the question in case you apply to our matchmaking service. We truly guarantee the safety of dating and the accuracy of our clients’ data.
How can I be sure to get a high level of professional service?
You can find out more about us and our international certificates in the section ABOUT US. We know and love our job! Also, we value our reputation and membership of reputable organizations affiliated with matchmaking. In the same context you can also read more about the alliances, who attest to our reputation and accreditation. You can also check our official group on Facebook where you can read comments from our clients. We have a great experience in the matchmaking field and we are not going to stop. We are interested in satisfying the demands and wishes of our clients. We are concerned about our clients and we sincerely want to make them happy. It is in our interest and power to ensure and implement an exemplary service of the highest quality.
How can I be sure that you can help me to find my match, if my friends who have already been searching for many years still haven’t been successful?
Your friends probably lack the experience and knowledge possessed by a certified professional matchmaker. We at Diolli.com have a highly professional team that provides an extremely effective service. We are exceptionally successful in our work and the great number of couples matched by us is proof of that. Part of our success is that we always conduct a preliminary interview with each of our clients and sign a contract with them only if we are confident that we can provide the quality of service, leading to a successful result. On our part we guarantee full honesty and if we cannot meet your wishes and preferences, we shall inform you and not sign you as a client.

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