Every time when I read a novel or watched a romantic movie I wondered what could have happenned to the main heroine after captions had been shown up. Few years ago I was reading such-like romantic love stories, and I was looking at happy faces captured on photos, and it all seemed somewhat of a fairy tale to me. Famously, all fairytales starts with magically known words like once upon… and I kept thinking what happens thereupon… Has the wedding been? If the happily ever after has occurred?

Now, I’m giving all girls who are still hesitating or have some doubts as for a foreign prince the direct answer. Thereupon it only becomes better. Almost a year ago I was concerned about my parents’ response to my foreign prince from Sweden. In a result now I’m only concerned about all necessary visa documents for my parents, because they are coming to my wedding ceremony in Stockholm in summer.

So, what has happened in my life since I joined the ParadiseDate agency? Foremost I’m absolutely happy bride officially. Yarmo made a fantastically romantic proposal. Like in Hollywood movies, my finger is beautifully and diamondfully ringed. And now I’m favourable preparing for my wedding which takes place in summer.

It’s been half a year since I’m living in Stockholm. I have already received the residence permit and every day I go for the Swedish language courses. I made a lot of new friends. Yarmo introduced me to his friends and we spend a great time and have a lot of fun together. We travel a lot and discover new countries. The happiest event in my life will occur this summer – my big wedding day. And autumn shall bring equally important happy event. But let me keep it as a secret for now.

Being happy up to thousand and one percent – is impermissible luxury. Not that way!! Being happy up to thousand and one percent – is admissible reality. I’ve made my decision to give my story a published version in order to bring more inspiration and confidence for all those girls who are still hesitating. Once I inspired my close friend and I know that we shall read her love story in a nearest future. And what is more, I have a great chance to see my friend more often, because Sweden and Norway are not far from each other.
Using an opportunity I shall express my gratitude to ParadiseDate agency in Kharkov and a very special thank to Svetlana Mukha – CEO of ParadiseDate agency. Due to her devoting and sincere attitude and care most of romantic love stories turned into true love, thereupon.

Soon I’m planning to visit Kharkov, and I definitely will drop round the office. This place is really meaningful to me, because it was that special source where my love story takes its beginning. Being truly happy I’m wishing to all hesitating, skeptic but lonely hearts to try their best luck with ParadiseDate agency. Who knows, maybe next particular love story will be yours. ParadiseDate agency’s manager note! Fall, 2014 Helena and Yarmo are happy parents!! Congratulations with the beautiful baby girl!!!